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  • Joely Rammos

  • Chad Ramos
    Web & Media Strategist
  • Rudy Rangel III

  • Michele Reed
    Research, Statistical Analysis, Reporting and Marketing Director  A statistician by nature with a BS in Business who is the type of thinker, planner and executer that sees out, in, around and …
  • Rebecca Reynolds

  • Steve Riley
    In pursuit of my acting, writing, rock star dreams with a focus on being a 3D software, simulation and internet development specialist for my company Eureka 3D, Inc. as well as a contractor for …
  • Andy Robert
  • Kyle Rodriguez

  • Kris Roehling
    I am a Popular Educator, Community Organizer, ESL Teacher and Case Manager. I am dedicated to Human Rights and Social Justice in all it's forms....and to a good dance party after the protest is …
  • David Rolston

  • Anita Rothgiesser PMP
    Project Manager for Tracky & Vortaloptics plus shareholder liasion. To balance this I enjoy travelling, scuba diving, underwater photography.
  • Jake Rumph

  • Hugo Russell
    Taking Technology Products & Services to Market. Birmingham Science Park Aston
  • Rachel Ryan
    I do consulting work in communications and marketing. I'm a Switchfoot fanatic. YouTube: RachelRyanMedia. I like to make projects happen.
  • lucy saunders

  • Michael Savage
    An painter, and hip hop enthusiast from the Midwest. Working part-time for Apple, Inc. Retail, and Co-Founder & Creative Director for Vegas website/blog -
  • Michael Scarpaci
    Scarpaci Funeral homes in Staten Island and Brooklyn. This funeral center is family-owned and is in operation since 1910.
  • Jamie Schreiber

  • Joerg Schwenk
  • Food Science
    Buy a molecular kit at Molecular Foods and start learning and creating exciting cuisine. Check out our website for more information.
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