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  • Advisor, Futurist, Speaker, Consultant to businesses for 40 years. Best selling author and social media power influencer.
    Las Vegas, NV
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  • Company incubator, angel investor, public speaker, branding nerd.
    London, England
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  • Builder of badass startups like Tracky with Mentalpez. Aspiring (in my wildest dreams) filmmaker with screen2play. I surf, climb, hike, and watch movies in between.
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  • I am a WordPress Developer and Support Expert. I Build Custom Websites and Offer WordPress Support.
    Las Vegas, Nevada
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  • Chief Evangelist at @Tracky. PR. Social Media Correspondent. @PRsarahevans
    Chicago, IL
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  • PR Pro in Chicago (@MPFood). #MsTech. ENFP. Passions: getting to know new people, live music, food & wine, comedy, ed reform, art and design. Let’s chat!
    Chicago, IL
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  • Startup guy, early stage VC in Silicon Valley and China for 25 years. Managing Partner @ Mayfield Fund, Helped start GSR Ventures (China early stage VC)
    Las Vegas, NV
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