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  • Cloud and infrastructure writer for GigaOM; J.D.; thai boxer
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  • Pale person, food eater, Honolulu dweller, poet, consultant, plunger of the softwares. I make QA mistakes and Copywriting typos for @Tracky. #woo
    Honolulu, HI
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  • Advisor, Futurist, Speaker, Consultant to businesses for 40 years. Best selling author and social media power influencer.
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  • Hey this is kavin, Writer at "the Colourful Baby" . love to write and few days ago shared some important information on baby care tips and tricks. You can visit the colourful baby.
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  • Bridging the gap between Public Relations, Social Media and SEO - Lisa Buyer is agency owner - President /CEO of The Buyer Group, a writer for #SEW Search Engine Watch and instructor w/ @ClickZ
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