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  • Husband. Father. Student. Interactive.
    The Internets
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  • Company incubator, angel investor, public speaker, branding nerd.
    London, England
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  • Developer of software and hardware solutions for many industries using primarily Microsoft technology: #VisualStudio, C#, #ASPNET #MVC, and #SQLServer, as well as #HTML, #CSS and #JavaScript.
    Wichita, ks
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  • SQL Server consultant, recovering developer, entrepreneur.
    Los Alamos, NM
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  • I do too many things #ItsNotHealthy Sadly retired -
    Las Vegas
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  • Hawaii father, husband, and geek of all trades. Blogger, vlogger, podcaster, writer, citizen media evangelist and LOST fan in paradise.
    Honolulu, Hawaii
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  • I am a proud Army wife, mother of two and member of ZΦB Sorority. I'm a #girlwhocodes [read web developer] and #UXdesigner, who ♥s all gadgetry and geeky goodness. Sometimes I am just RJ.
    @myMac. IT lives in Manhattan, KS
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