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  • Cause and Effective is a team of professionals who share a common goal of assisting cause or mission based organisations to increase their capacity to maximise social impact.
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  • Social Media Boss at @echelondigital. I dont eat meat. Cooking could be my hobby. Big spot in my heart for @dtsteele & @missmollypants. Opinions my own.
    Las Vegas
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  • Cloud and infrastructure writer for GigaOM; J.D.; thai boxer
    Las Vegas, NV
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  • Husband. Father. Student. Interactive.
    The Internets
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  • Hawaii father, husband, and geek of all trades. Blogger, vlogger, podcaster, writer, citizen media evangelist and LOST fan in paradise.
    Honolulu, Hawaii
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  • PR Pro in Chicago (@MPFood). #MsTech. ENFP. Passions: getting to know new people, live music, food & wine, comedy, ed reform, art and design. Let’s chat!
    Chicago, IL
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  • Former Digital Innovation Strategist @KSNews. Co-Owner of @NonstopHonolulu. Founder of @HIGreenhouse Innovation Hub in #Kakaako. Views here are my own.
    Honolulu, Hawaii
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