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  • The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.
    Los Angeles, California
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  • Founder & owner of Gabriel Phoenix Communications; Tech, mgmt & mrktng cnsltnt. Hobbies: Web & mobile app dev, sports, life in HI. Believer in the greater good.
    Honolulu, HI
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  • Developer of software and hardware solutions for many industries using primarily Microsoft technology: #VisualStudio, C#, #ASPNET #MVC, and #SQLServer, as well as #HTML, #CSS and #JavaScript.
    Wichita, ks
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  • Digital Fanatic; High Ed Web developer and Comms Director for @TTUAlumniAssoc; Cupcake Expert; GAnalytics Addict.
    Texas Tech Alumni Association
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  • Startup guy, early stage VC in Silicon Valley and China for 25 years. Managing Partner @ Mayfield Fund, Helped start GSR Ventures (China early stage VC)
    Las Vegas, NV
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  • Cause and Effective is a team of professionals who share a common goal of assisting cause or mission based organisations to increase their capacity to maximise social impact.
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  • Social Media Boss at @echelondigital. I dont eat meat. Cooking could be my hobby. Big spot in my heart for @dtsteele & @missmollypants. Opinions my own.
    Las Vegas
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