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  • CEO of @Sawhorse Media, our businesses include @MuckRack and @ShortyAwards. Creator of @VentureVoice. Member of @Twitter's first name club.
    New York City
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  • Sake Guru Effing the Ineffable , Moleskine Addict , Wannabe Writer , Critical Thinker , Mac and iThings Lover , Closet Chef. Living life to the fullest!
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  • SEO, PPC, surfing, & photography enthusiast!
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  • This IS the droid you're looking for.
    Henderson, NV
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  • Hey this is kavin, Writer at "the Colourful Baby" . love to write and few days ago shared some important information on baby care tips and tricks. You can visit the colourful baby.
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  • GM, #SocialMarketing for Internet Media Labs ( #TheLabNYC. #Bacon Queen ( Recovering #journalist.
    New Jersey
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  • Developer of software and hardware solutions for many industries using primarily Microsoft technology: #VisualStudio, C#, #ASPNET #MVC, and #SQLServer, as well as #HTML, #CSS and #JavaScript.
    Wichita, ks
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