The Tracky Team



David Gosse


David's bio in his words. Because he says it best. 

I like working with doers and I believe that technology promises a better future. My passion is to help improve the way we can all socially collaborate and thus simplify our lives. Today, we still use email as one of our primary forms of communication – zero inbox, please. Twitter and Facebook have shown us a new way to communicate outside the inbox. Tracky helps connect like-minded creative collaborators all around the world.

I hold two patents for the search algorithms I have helped develop and have a third patent pending. I get how the internet works. I’ve raised millions is startup capital, built and sold businesses and assembled stellar teams. I've sat on numerous boards, directed strategy for early-stage companies, architected IT infrastructure and product development. I’ve also failed numerous times when launching what I thought was the next big thing. What I’ve learned from it all is that we are social. Most of the fun, the passion, the deals and the partnerships, all happen because of relationships. Helping us all progress together towards similar goals and objectives should be assisted in a way that helps make those relationships happen more easily and generates real results.

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Andy Edinborough


Andy is the CTO and Chief Software Architect for Tracky. He brings a fresh approach to simplifying and solving problems. While specializing in Microsoft technologies, such as Visual Studio, C#, ASP.NET MVC, and SQL Server, he also works w ith HT ML, CSS and JavaScript. Andy has developed solutions in a wide variety of industries from engineering and manufacturing to financing.  In addition to programming, he has knowledge and experience in hardware and software IT solutions – building servers and deploying them for virtualization, or hosting email, databases, or websites.  Additionally, he enjoys participating in open source projects and collaborating with other industry leaders to build better technologies for the future.

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Jennifer Gosse


Jennifer has been building companies, developing websites and creating online marketing campaigns since the mid-90s.  She's done a lot of planning and project management along the way. She's a self-proclaimed "doer" who thrives on the synergy of getting things done with other like-minded people. Jennifer loves it when a plan comes together. But the planning itself? Not so much.

In her words, Jennifer describes why Tracky represents something much more than a business. It's the culmination of her passion meaningful connections and productive collaboration:

"In the past, I've worked with numerous startups and have held management positions at consumer advocacy and internet organizations with complex business models, national marketing campaigns and international teams. To manage it all, she's used just about every system out there, from email to spreadsheets to enterprise software installations to manage teams, projects, milestones and the little things in life. Every system has had merit but not one system could keep my life on track and our teams engaged. And while I realize that it's not the system that can make people productive, it's people who get things done, I've learned that when software is a barrier to connect and accomplish, we tend to do less and feel worse about our work and goals. On the other hand, when software can get out of the way and help people organize the vastness of knowledge and connections that we're swimming in, productivity and passion increase. That's what we're working hard to achieve at Tracky. It's not just the platform that I'm enthusiastic about, it's the human connections that keep me engaged. Let's do this! #opensocialcollaboration #FTW." 

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Jason Lovelady


Jason is the COO and CFO for Tracky. Jason has a proven track record in financial management and business strategy with a wide range of industry experience working in mid-management and executive level positions for companies in the retail, manufacturing, service, and nonprofit sectors. Over the past 19 years, he has professional experience in financial and accounting management, strategic planning, systems design and development, and project management. Jason has also directed both information systems and human resource departments at different points in his career. In addition, Jason has worked closely with various sales and marketing teams, retail store and manufacturing floor operations, including being a member of Bass Pro Shop's Retail Expansion and Menasha Packaging's Lean Enterprise task forces teams. Also I was a member of Calsonic Kansei's global SAP project team as the project manager for the financial and controlling software modules for North America.  

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David Longnecker

Senior Developer

David's personal motto is: converting coffee to code. So, if you're wondering what gift to give, a bag of freshly roasted beans will always be welcome. He is an application architect with a passion for focusing on the people involved with technology and technology's role within the enterprise; not as a replacement for individuals, but as a tool to empower users. That's a great fit for what we believe in at Tracky: reducing the "work" that it takes to manage work and to enable humans to be more productive and have fun at the same time. 

From a young age, David was fascinated by console games and, in turn, "when he grew up", he wanted to design video games. When he discovered that you can’t always grow up to be an astronaut (or video game designer), he realized that computers could be used for other very cool things. Like Tracky. 

So, he's found two loves: web development and technology integration. Web development provides a dynamic, creative avenue, while technology integration is a measurable, and usually profitable, benefit to businesses that combines expert service with products. It keeps the left and right side of his brain balanced, which in turn, keep him from tipping over. Brilliant. 

He holds a Bachelors of Science in Management and a Masters in Business Administration. 

David is an entrepreneur, life experience crash test dummy, and crazed cat constantly chasing after curiosity. 

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Dominic Genovese

Business Development

An engineer by education and a sales geek by training and experience, what I love most are complex situations that require a strategy to solve. A techno-gadget lover, I started in the business when computer memory was a matrix of miniature ferrite cores crisscrossed with copper wire, roomfuls of which would now fit into a cell phone.

My experience includes startups, turnarounds, and global leaders. I’ve enjoyed incredible successes and disappointing failures. I learned the most through the failures. I’ve been a bag-carrying, quota-busting road warrior and a Global Sales VP, a board director in public and private companies, and everything in between. Of all the things I’ve done in my sales career, what I love most is that we are measured and rewarded by results.

I also have a love of old muscle cars…buying them, admiring them, restoring them, driving them…all of it. The artistry of that car-building era is, to me, a symbol of what can be accomplished when goals are clear, talent is focused, and bureaucracy gets out of the way.

I’m impressed with Nevada’s initiative to diversify the economy. I’m enthusiastic about the commitment at Switch InNEVation to find, incubate, and grow the local tech ecosystem. And, I’m excited to be a part of the Tracky team as we bring collaboration into a connected but disjointed world.

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Anita Rothgiesser

Certified Project Manager

Corporate liaison for Tracky, which means she is great with people and getting things done. She also contributes to our social media interactions and is a certified Project Management Professional. 

Anita originally worked in the textile industry for over 15 years in South Africa and Canada.  Her experience is extensive, ranging from technical production to technical customer support to sales and eventually the retail industry.  Over the years she gained considerable experience dealing with customers and suppliers on a worldwide basis and travelled extensively in Europe, North America and the Far East to further her knowledge and experience. For the last 14 years she has changed her career and developed her knowledge in the business and financial areas. She completed basic tax, computer and securities courses before becoming a certified project management professional. Anita interacts one-to-one with Tracky customers and helps corporate accounts get the most out of Tracky's collaboration features. 

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David Chatsuthiphan

UI / UX Designer

Web user experience designer. Web strategist. Web content consumer. Web user. Surfer (the non-web kind). Landscape photographer and lifestyle blogger.

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Mike Manzano

Product Manager

Mike’s astute product development background makes him an ideal product manager for Tracky. Since 1995, Mike has developed apps for web, desktop, and mobile. He has a strong background in computability, cognition, and UX, focused on iOS. Mike has worked with the Cocoa framework since the release of Mac OS X 10.0 and UIKit since SDK. In the last thirteen years, he has designed and managed a variety of products including Kolona, a mobile agent based runtime environment and SDK for enterprise system integration; Skoot, a commercially-available encrypted large file sharing solution for enterprise; and various R&D projects for the Federal Aviation Administration's SWIM program, US Army INSCOM, and the US Air Force. Mike has been awarded a patent has several provisional patents filed related to mobile agent technology and large file transfer systems.os.

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Ewin Barnett

Board of Directors

Ewin Barnett is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in exploiting information opportunities.  He has worked in IT-related fields over 40 years.  In 1984 he founded Carfax which was sold in 1999. Carfax still uses the object-oriented database architecture Barnett designed and now has more than 7 billion vehicle-related records and 500 employees.  Barnett has advised several startups including Dynamed, the world's largest database of evidence-based medical information which was sold tp EBSCO Information Services.  He serves on the advisory boards of several companies.  He also is a member of the Board of Directors of Agents National Title Insurance Company where he serves on the IT and Investment Committees.   The author of many articles, he also enjoys speaking on the topic of entrepreneurial activity.  His hobbies include private aviation, ham radio and target pistol shooting.

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Doug Lennick

Board of Directors

Doug Lennick is the managing partner of the Lennick Aberman Group. He is legendary for his innovative approaches to developing high performance in individuals and organizations. Numerous Fortune 500 executives, most notably American Express CEO, Ken Chenault and Ameriprise Financial CEO, Jim Cracchiolo, rely on Doug for his insights on enhancing leadership and organizational performance. Before founding the Lennick Aberman Group, Doug was Executive Vice President – Advice and Retail Distribution for American Express Financial Advisors (AEFA). In that capacity, he led an organization of 17,000 field and corporate associates to unprecedented success. Doug is co-author of the highly regarded book, “Moral Intelligence: Enhancing Business Performance and Leadership Success” (2005 and re-released 2007), as well as author of “The Simple Genius (You)” and co-author of “How to Get What you Want and Remain True to Yourself.” Doug is in high demand as a keynote speaker as well as an executive and organizational advisor. 

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Kevin Fong

Board of Advisors

Special Advisor at GSR Ventures. 20 years' experience in Silicon Valley venture capital community, includin g as Managing Director of the Mayfield Fund. Over $1 billion in returns to investors; invested in over 54 companies, nine of which went public and fifteen were acquired. Responsible for starting first international fund in China, GSR Ventures which is now on its third fund with over $600M in capital focused on investing in early-stage tech in China.

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Sam Richter

Board of Advisors

Sam Richter is an internationally recognized expert on sales and marketing, and is currently the Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President at ActiFi, a software and solutions firm serving the financial services industry. Sam’s most recent top-selling book, "Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling" is now in multiple editions and has also won numerous awards. Sam is also the founder of the acclaimed Know More! business improvement program, taught to groups ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to major associations around the world. His experience includes building innovative technology, sales, and marketing programs for start-up companies and some of the world's most famous brands including Major League Baseball, National Geographic, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

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