What if you could take one simple action today that would relinquish your fear of neglecting the most important things while liberating your brain to create and improve where you need it most? Sounds pretty revolutionary, right? Well, it’s not. It’s just the simple checklist.

Checklists might be the most basic form of task management, but they’re also one of the most powerful. In his best-selling book “The Checklist Manifesto: How To get Things Right,” Atul Gawande reveals how the humble checklist can transform our increasingly complex lives.

It turns out that almost every industry is suffering from the same “oops, I did it again” syndrome. People with great ability and motivation are repeatedly dropping the ball over and again in seemingly basic tasks. Gawande consoles us that this dropped ball behavior is a result of how much we have to juggle these days, but sternly warns us that unless addressed, it won’t get better. He postures that checklists can give our brains the clear-cut structure they crave and can assist us in other ways, such as:

1.    Make us smarter and more disciplined decision makers
2.    Facilitate a culture of discipline and teamwork
3.    Ensure that the repetitive stuff gets done and out of the way

I would add to this the feeling of satisfcation that checking something off a list creates. It’s somehow comforting and motivating at the same time.

So, here at Tracky, we’ve heeded this sage advice and more importantly, our user’s feedback, to reimagine how subtracks are displayed in Tracky. We created a checklist view of your subtracks.

Hello, Checklist View!

Tracky checklistsThis new format offers a few visual cues about your subtracks:

  • Calendar icon: Red means it's overdue, orange means that it's coming due and grey is due in more than seven days.
  • Chats and files: Icons will appear to the left of the subtrack if there are any discussions or files included.
  • Checkbox: You can quickly check off an item in the checkbox area.
  • On hover: Mouse over the subtrack title to bring up the edit and delete icons.

Also, even though there isn't a visual cue, you can easily re-order your subtracks. Just click and hold the subtrack you want to move and drag it before or after other subtracks.

As you complete tasks, you can check them off from this "list" view or within each subtrack ("Mark Complete").

Subtracks still function the same, but now you get that quick-win feeling of "checking things off" as you progress through your to do list or project.

Make Each Day Better with Today's To Do List

jen daily to do listQuick tip? At the end of each day, make a list of tomorrow’s tasks. Get those pesky to do's out of your head so you can sleep better and quickly get into a productivity zone the next morning.

My advice is to create a master “Daily To Do List” track, and then a subtrack for each day. Use Tracky's “Add a subtrack” feature to quickly add in your tasks for the day. Then, enjoy the feeling as you check off those items throughout the day.

Hey, it can be as simple as reminding yourself to take a break, say a nice word to someone or do some personal affirmations.

The point is: define what’s most important in your life and make a checklist out of it. Your brain will be freer, smarter and you’re bound to become a more productive person.

How about you - do checklists motivate you to get more done?