doers who inspireCalling all communications students and new grads. If the thought of the professional workforce is overwhelming, intimidating and downright frightening, then take a moment to reflect. Think about why. And, if you’re feeling the opposite, I encourage you, too, to think about why. When I approached my college graduation I was apprehensive. For me it was the feat of the unknown. What would I do? Who would I become? Would I be successful? (The good news is that fear motivated me to excel, work hard and never stop learning.)

Today, the communications industry is so broad, encompassing everything from correspondent to digital content producer to public relations manager. As you, the future of the industry, set out to change the world or just dip your toes in, here’s some inspiration.

I asked 24 of my favorite communicators one, simple question, “What motivates you to do the work you do?” And, I only let them have 140 characters to answer.

Recognizing the top #doers who #doinspire

A special thank you to the #doinspire participants:

As you read each response, you may notice a trend in the usage of words, like:

  • Team
  • Helping
  • Community
  • Learning
  • Stories
  • Connecting
  • People

It’s no coincidence that people who work in communications, no matter their role, share a common love of sharing information, connecting others and generally trying to make a difference in the world. If you can relate to any or all of these themes, then it’s pretty clear you’ve made the right career choice.

What motivates you to do the work
A slideshow of 24 #doinspire posters

Now, I present to you 24 bits of motivational wisdom from people who #doinspire:

Here are 24 tweetable #doinspire moments

  • We only have a limited number of days on the planet and I want to make each one count. - @cc_chapman #doinspire (tweet this)
  • When I was younger, I wanted to be a politician and help people’s voices were heard. Now I give people a voice on TV. - @webanna  #doinspire (tweet this)
  • It’s knowing that I'm improving how 1 billion people get informed about the world around them through Facebook. - @lavrusik  #doinspire (tweet this)
  • The people I meet every day. - @tamcdonald  #doerswhoinspire (tweet this)
  • I absolutely love my job, co-workers and the mission of PayPal. - @davepeck  #doinspire (tweet this)
  • The fantastic feeling I get when the team has created something awesome and our audience loves it. -  @LanceUlanoff  #doinspire (tweet this)
  • Making a difference, calling out unfairness, engage with a super-smart community, build something that matters. - @rachelsklar  #doinspire (tweet this)
  • Constant new challenges and an insatiable appetite for getting questions answered. - @antderosa #doinspire (tweet this)
  • Helping find meaning in the noise, telling the untold stories. - @burtherman #doinspire (tweet this)
  • Helping others to tell their story and find a voice that resonates with their community. - @hksully #doinspire (tweet this)
  • Every day starts with a blank page and long to-do list. Balancing the two is the tricky part. - @CMPLYtom #doinspire (tweet this)
  • 40 years ago cable expanded my portal to the world. I get to help others connect to what they care about most. - @coxcomm #doinspire (tweet this)
  • The thrill in knowing I have the potential to excite generations to want to learn and share more seach day. - @jenleereeves #doinspire (tweet this)
  • Surge of energy I get from doing what I’m passionate about, helping others and communicating what people need to know - @ckanal #doinspire (tweet this)
  • Sharing things people didn’t know or making them laugh when they stop to find out what’s going on in the world. - @etanowitz #doinspire (tweet this)
  • Connecting people who immediately click, even though they never would have thought there was a reason to chat. - @leanstarter #doinspire (tweet this)
  • Making a career out of writing isn’t for everyone, but if you can, it feels good to do something most can’t. - @adampopescu #doinspire (tweet this)
  • Spending time playing in other people’s sandboxes is a chance to learn something new, be inspired & share stories - @kschaeferlv #doinspire (tweet this)
  • Learning. - @bfeld #doinspire (tweet this)
  • Scouring the Big Blue Marble, finding solution-based content relevant to our community. - @jerrydoyle #doinspire (tweet this)
  • I’m helping build a futuristic technology with a talented team that is equal parts kind, goofy and seasoned. - @lesliebradshaw #doinspire (tweet this)

#doinspireA copy of individual #doinspire quotes can be found, here.

So, what motivates YOU to do the work you do? Share your thoughts with hashtag #doinspire.