With everyone talking about New Year's resolutions, change can feel overwhelming. Scary, even. Sometimes the thought of change is so overwhelming, that feeling alone can prevent change from occurring. Not to fear. Each day you have an opportunity to do something differently. Whether it's getting up 10 minutes earlier or setting up a new filing system -- you're never locked into doing things "the old way" just because that's the way it's always been done.

At Tracky, we love this idea. While we celebrate productivity and collaboration, we also want to be your advocate if you're not feeling so productive. We know that, in theory, being more productive and collaborating with others sounds great. When faced with the reality of investing time to make these things happen, a breakdown can happen. Where to start? A member of our team is always ready and willing to help you get set up. We don't want you to feel alone when you're tackling a new way to work and collaborate.

So, if you think today is the day you want to do things differently? Sign up and let us know how we can help. You can also email me at sarah<at>tracky.com.