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  • Collaborative, Visual, Social Communities - the future of marketing

    • By jennifer
    • |
    • Friday, November 15, 2013

    More than ever, if consumers love your brand, they’re willing to market for you. You just need to feed them the right content, at the right time, in the right format to leverage their enthusiasm.

    How to best do just that is answered by three major digital trends: the visual web, social curated discovery and superfan communities. Brands like Sony, Sephora, Harley Davidson, Dell, Legos and many others are leveraging these trends to earn the <3 of customers, boost revenue and reduce marketing costs. So, let’s dive into each of these trends quickly to learn more about why they matter and why collaborative communities are the future of marketing.

    The Visual Web

    First, the web was text-based. Then came social. Now, we’re adding visual to the mix and we have Pinterest to thank for it. As the fastest growing site ever, its hyper-visual, collaborative format has changed the way we think about websites.

    As we move away from text-based webpages to more image-based formats, visual discovery is added into the mix. The most engaging sites are curating information into a “best of” visual format and ensuring that the content is mobile, social and conversational. These communities revolve around shared interests, the thrill of discovery and serendipity. Visual feeds is the current and future mode of e-commerce discovery.

    Socially Curated Discovery

    online communitySocially curated discovery is basically the next generation of word-of-mouth marketing. As the web becomes more social, we’re becoming inundated with information. There’s too much to sort through, so we’re relying more on recommendations from people within our social circles and interest graphs, which BI Intelligence confirmed in a report on the subject.

    In fact, content curators are the new superheroes of the Web, says Steven Rosenblaum, writer for Fast Company. Curators are passionate about finding, contextualizing and organizing information. They reliably provide updates on what’s new and cool in their niche. Their personal “brand” helps provide context for the information they discover and they essentially filter the noise and provide the signal for other interested consumers. Their dedication is essential, because it is a lot of work to do what they do - consistently use listening tools to keep an eye on news streams that matter and then digest and publish the salient data.

    A Forrester study from 2012 revealed that 46% of people trust consumer-written reviews, while only 15% trust social media posts from brands.

    Social media feeds, consumer-oriented forums, reviews and community sites are the new “curation destinations” – where we drill down through the clutter to discover what’s worth our time and money.  Brands, marketers and causes looking to richly engage their audiences will need to understand the mechanics and deployment of social curation tools to remain in touch with their customers.

    Superfan Communities

    i hear your brandJust as socially curated discovery is next-gen word-of-mouth, communities are next-gen microsites and Facebook pages. The reason for the shift is due to: 1) the rising importance of curators and superfans to contribute content and market for you; and 2) the realization that brands have been focusing too much on posting most of their content to social networks and are losing out on building trust, authority and community on their own websites.

    The shift started with Facebook’s increased pay-to-post model causing an uproar with marketers. Being limited to reaching just 16% of your fans for free, or be faced with fees, is an off-putting prospect for small companies and an expensive one for large brands. Mark Cuban retorted to this change and threatened abandonment of Facebook by the Mavericks. He actually is focused on adding followers via non-Facebook platforms for his 70+ companies.

    Some forward-thinking companies are realizing that they gain the most credibility and opportunity from their most engaged fans. “Superfans” are those that are interested enough in your brand to post insightful blogs, help answer questions about products, leave detailed reviews and even give constructive marketing and product feedback. These superfans are your brand’s VIPs.

    Brands are being urged to focus on creating spiderable content indexed by search engines. After all, Google doesn’t index Facebook content the same way it indexes blogs and actively maintained websites. No one is advocating that you neglect your audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, but rather make it your dictate to create meaningful, lasting content that lives on beyond a fleeting news stream. Plus, this straetgy allows you to build individual relationships and actually, get this – collaborate - with customers.

    Sephora's VP of interactive media, Bridget Dolan is a big fan of her superfans and has created the Beauty Talk community let customers advocate on behalf of the brand: "We used to have a board called 'unanswered questions,'" says Bridget Dolan, VP of interactive media at Sephora. "We had to switch that because our superfans just took it as a personal challenge to always answer the questions so quickly."

    • You just can't buy that kind of authenticity. You have to rely on your superfans to share your story.

    It’s not about your team doing all the work to find what’s interesting to your customers, but rather partnering with and leveraging these human curators – they’ll love the attention and you’ll love the synergistic focus on the best content and insights that match your audience’s interests. Dell, Sephora and Legos are actively using their superfan bases and you can too. It could be one of the best business development decisions you make anytime soon.

    How will you take advantage of these trends?

    Visual, social and community are key drivers in the next phase of marketing and customer relationship-building. These are trends that we’re hot on the trail of and are literally refining our product in real-time to provide solutions to brands, causes and organizations that want to leverage their superfans, build collaborative communities and establish their brands as digital leaders in this frontier of engagement marketing. 

    I'll share more in my next post about social publishing for collaborative communities. Until then, think visual, social and community and how to leverage those trends in 2014 to reach your superfans and build your brand’s digital authority.

  • EpicTimes officially launches its solution-based news community, powered by Tracky

    • By jennifer
    • |
    • Friday, September 13, 2013

    You know Tracky as a social collaboration platform - a place where you can connect, collaborate and share: to-do lists, live chat, calendars, task management, social sharing, people and project discovery, cloud-based storage and more. Now, we introduce to you deeper functionality for social sharing. It’s the next evolution in Tracky as a social collaboration and publishing platform.

    We thought working with a team on content you want to push to the web should not require a separate CMS to log into and edit a new post with. Tracky users work together in groups to create content, why not allow them to publish direct from within Tracky too? We also hate bottlenecks and thought it was silly to funnel all posts through the gate keeper who controls your blog or site. So we created social publishing directly within Tracky.

    With social publishing, our purpose is to help brands build interest-based visual websites that engage and leverage their communities. We refer it to as C4, and wow is it ever explosive!

    • Content
    • Community
    • Curation
    • Collaboration

    These four C’s are the foundations of true community-building. And we have a great case study to illustrate how this holistic community strategy is revolutionizing an industry. Meet: EpicTimes, a solution-based news community founded by Jerry Doyle.

    Jerry Doyle is the host of the nation’s fourth largest talk radio show. After eight years of talking with and listening to over 7.25 million people a week with his radio show, Jerry realized that millions of people are sick of media “spin” and instead, crave real solutions. Jerry wanted to offer an online home that was politically non-partisan, yet would appeal to those who tend to be Independent, fiscally conservative and socially moderate.

    Jerry envisioned an online solution-based news community focused on putting cutting-edge news, resources, and answers in the hands of the public. While his terrestrial listening audience is quite loyal, their needs are changing to become more mobile and wanting instant-access to information that will help improve their lives.

    To satisfy his audience's hunger for holistic solutions, Jerry would need to assemble a diverse group of contributors with expertise ranging a wide array of issues. He didn't want to hire an internal editorial staff right away, so curating and publishing content had to be simple. Not everyone is familiar with content management systems and there couldn't be any barriers to creating content and engaging with visitors.

    As a busy radio host, Jerry knew he couldn’t build EpicTimes alone. Jerry approached David and myself, fellow Las Vegans and previous startup guests on his radio show, to explore whether his big dream could be a reality.

    Our team was already building more robust publishing features into the Tracky platform and shared Jerry’s vision for more intuitive and authentic community management software. Starting from an idea, Tracky collaborated closely with Jerry to build what you now see at

    EpicTimes news community

    audience commentsThe entire site is powered by Tracky: curated articles, original stories, contributor pages, comments, community collaboration (more on this later), social leaderboard, and more. There are a couple of non-Tracky pieces, like the daily poll powered by Wedgies and product catalog company, Spreadshirt.

    Migrating a terrestrial radio audience to the web and mobile is a bold move but its already paying off. Community engagement is growing and some contributors are gaining loyal readers that are regularly engaging with their articles. The daily email serves up the latest articles and images and sees open rates of 2.5 times the industry average and clickthrough rates of 5X the average.

    We're impressed by Jerry's chutzpah to bridge the gap between terrestial radio and an online community and we're honored to work with him. He's a visionary and a "doer" that pushes aside tradition and executes on big dreams.

    In the next post, I’ll dive deeper into the features and benefits of Tracky’s social publishing tool for brands.

  • Lessons from SXSW V2V – Conference Goers Do Indeed Care, Smiles are Good & 12-Year-Olds Can Code

    • By jennifer
    • |
    • Monday, August 19, 2013

    SXSW V2VWhen you’re on the conference trail as an attendee or exhibitor, it’s easy to get a wee bit weery and “overdone” when it comes to yet another convention. So when SXSW V2V arrived on the scene, we were still buzzing from the deafening hoopla that was SXSW in March and intitially weren't convinced we should exhibit. Yet, there promised to be something a little different about V2V that begged our attention.

    First of all, Las Vegas was its home. Score a big point for making it more economical for a Vegas-based startup. Second, its slogan promised a focus on innovation, visionaries, ventures, VCs and productive conversations. Well played. Third, we’re suckers for startup spotlight-type events. Such as: SXSW, CES, DemoVegas and TechCocktail to name several we've attended. Fourth, VegasTech friend Gabe Shepherd and V2V Community Liaison encouragd us to join the festivities. OK, so VegasTech at SXSW was a hit, so score another for "yes."  Plus, when a conference is innovative enough to feature a 12-year-old developer and his father in a session, you know good things are in store.

    David & Jennifer Gosse at V2VBeing the resilient startup folks that we are, we dove head first into the opportunity to exhibit at the Startup Spotlight last Monday and to take out an ad in the inside back cover of the program booklet. Despite those wins, the quiet cynic in me didn’t expect much from a summertime conference-going crowd inhabiting one of the most party-notorious hotels in the world. Nonetheless, I brushed those notions aside and showed up with the best intentions and a smile on my face.

    As the start of the spotlight rolled around at 3:00pm, the registration lobby went from eager startups setting up shop to a trickle of fresh-faced attendees, quickly escalating by 3:30 to an eager flood and ending in a roar, well after the 6pm closing time. (Perhaps the adjacent open bar should be credited for helping the spotlight to end on such a high note). Regardless, any doubt about the spotlight's viability for a startup was squashed. And that was just one event of the week’s mega-schedule. It was an important one for us, though, as we publicly debuted our stop giving away your contentcommunity publishing product to attendees via the ad and the spotlight.

    What was truly refreshing was the authentic interest in what Tracky does that the majority of our booth-goers showed. An exhibitor can get a little self-conscious about their pitch when it’s delivered hundreds of times to folks that are probably more interested free swag or a novel game rather than learning about a productivity and publishing platform. We were pleasantly surprised by the smiling faces, intriguing questions, patient onlookers, sincere well wishes and legitimate leads that came out of the event.

    V2V VineThere were some solid technologies at the spotlight and it was an honor to be among them. The buzz was nicely captured in this Vine that our #VegasTech startup pals at Alice Receptionist created. Their virtual reception system is an impressive Vegas-built product that we know is solving a real need for resources-strapped companies and large organizations, plus it’s a product that we believe will be very successful and around for the long-haul. Also in attendance was Vegas-based child care location assistance app,,Cubby Road.

    The rest of the show was well done, too. Much of our time at the Cosmo was spent networking so we didn’t get to as many sessions as we would have liked, but to all who planned, sponsored, spoke, mentored, attendees and exhibited – thanks for making SXSW’s first foray into Las Vegas a success!

    We would love to see more of SXSW and similar events happen here in Vegas. We’re looking forward to the Life is Beautiful festival in October, where I’m sure that more good intentions and pleasantly surprised responses will result.

    Thank you to all who made Tracky part of your V2V experience and who cared enough to stop and smile back at the big smiley mark staring back at you and the three humans who were thankful for your interest.

  • You’re invited to @Tracky’s Las Vegas Chamber (@lvchamber) ribbon cutting and start page demo

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Wednesday, February 27, 2013

    Stop by the Tracky office at The inNEVation Center on Thursday, February 28, 2013 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. We would love to celebrate our Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting with you -- and share a personal demo of the new Chamber Social Start Page. To RVSP, please email Georgia Allen at the Chamber.

    Las Vegas Metro Chamber social start page

    If you’re a Chamber member, then you have access to one of the most powerful social tools at your disposal. And, we want to make sure you know how to use it.

    So, join us for some appetizers, good conversation and, of course, some social sharing.

    In the meantime, you can get check out the Social Start Page at The Chamber Social Start Page can be your new “home” on the Internet, and allows you to:

    • Conduct searches (via Google, Yahoo or Bing);
    • Access your favorite social networks and news sites; and
    • Get socially shareable news and information from Chamber members.

    Here’s how to join:

    1. Click on this link:
    2. Enter your email address
    3. Enter your search engine and social network preferences
    4. Click “set as homepage” (if you need help, get in touch and we'll help right away)

    Signing up for the Social Start Page also gives you access to Tracky, our open social collaboration platform, which also powers the site. Tracky is a free and easy way to get things done with other people - whether it be your team at work, your friends or social connections.

    See you soon!


  • Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce launches new Social Start Page, powered by Tracky

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Thursday, January 31, 2013

    Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Preview Las Vegas 2013 attracted more than 2,000 business professionals and leaders and was, in our opinion, the most successful one to date!

    It was there Tracky announced a new partnership with the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce in the form of a Social Start Page that is now available for all members at

    Las Vegas Metro Chamber social start page

    What is a start page? It’s the first window that opens when you begin a new Internet session. If you currently use a search engine as your first page, you probably have to open several other windows to get to your most-used sites.

    The Chamber’s Start Page will benefit the more than 6,000 members because it is a highly social, constantly visible and dynamic news page customized members. It takes the best of social actions from networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest and joins forces with Chamber-focused and local business news, events and activities. Now, in addition to learning more about Chamber businesses, Start Page users can easily spread the word from the same page they use to do web searches.

    The Chamber Social Start Page can be your new “home” on the Internet, and allows you to:

    • Conduct searches (via Google, Yahoo or Bing);
    • Access your favorite social networks and news sites; and
    • Get socially shareable news and information from Chamber members.

    Here’s how to join:

    1. Click on this link:
    2. Enter your email address
    3. Enter your search engine and social network preferences
    4. Click “set as homepage” (if you need help, email David Longnecker)

    Signing up for the Social Start Page also gives you access to Tracky, our open social collaboration platform, which also powers the site. Tracky is a free and easy way to get things done with other people - whether it be your team at work, your friends or social connections.

    A big thanks to the Metro Chamber for letting us share their booth at Preview and debut the start page to attendees. We had a great time. We might even have photobombed a photo or two.

    Jennifer, David and Sarah showing off the new Chamber social start page

    We’re so excited the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and its members are leading the way in social mobilization. If you have any questions on how social publishing can help you, email David, Jennifer or Sarah.

    Tracky Preview photobomb
    Robert Nielsen of UNLV, David Gosse and.. who's that girl?


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