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  • Via Quora, "As a startup CEO what is your favorite productivity hack?"

    • By dan
    • |
    • Thursday, October 11, 2012

    Eat That Frog, a book reccomendation on productivity from the author of the post on Quora

    Digging around the productivity sections on Quora, I came across this great question, “As a startup CEO what is your favorite productivity hack?”

    What was even better, was the answer. Matt DeCelles, a self described serial entrepreneur and consultant, gave a two-step answer that involved prioritization and execution. He talks about getting your house in order by taking a look at everything from 30,000 feet, and then organizing everything in a ‘what’s first?’ manner.

    He also talks about how delegation is a huge part of productivity. Because if you’re working on tasks you hate doing, there is a good chance it’s slowing you (and your entire company) down a good amount. Find and build teams to do the little things, so that you can execute the big-picture items that solve real problems.

    Matt showcases a lot of different sites and platforms that help him do this, and hopefully one day Tracky will be a part of that mix.

    Later, Matt discusses managing distractions and habits that help him get things accomplished. Everything from blocking sites like Facebook or Twitter, to silencing your phone and computer from annoying alerts.

    Matt shares a lot of options. And while I won’t take all of them to heart, it’s a great place to start getting organized—and better yet, productive.

    You can read his full answer here.

  • Now on OPEN Forum, 5 Steps to Social Collaboration Tools

    • By dan
    • |
    • Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    You can find Tracky on American Express's OPEN Forum today, where Sarah Evans talks about the five steps towards achieving social collaboration, and the the right tools that go along with it. Ahem... Tracky anyone?

    You can read the full article here, enjoy!

    "Have you ever said you need to clone yourself? What business owner hasn’t? The truth is, if you joke about cloning yourself, you obviously have too much to do. But cloning yourself isn’t the answer. Collaboration is. Sure, it’s not a magic cure-all, but by implementing a few open social collaboration best practices and breaking a few bad habits, you can do more.

    Open social collaboration is a way to get things done with others via a streamlined process, using an online platform which allows both private and public interactions.

  • Social collaboration and productivity platform Tracky

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Post by Sarah Evans, Tracky's Chief Evangelist

    Are you feeling a little overworked and constantly buried under the weight of too many emails and to do’s? You might not realize it but an online social collaboration platform can improve your productivity many times over. And, it can actually be fun to use.

    I’ve used a lot of systems aimed at organizing my inbox and improving my workflow, but there is only one that I’m really passionate about. Tracky. Here’s why: Tracky helps simplify your life by managing all three circles of your life in one platform: personal, professional, and social.

    Tracky helps people and companies organize all of their to do’s, work projects and social connections in a single, easy-to-use dashboard – from planning a wedding to launching an international brand. They’ve put together the most popular types of productivity and collaboration tools into one (amazing) platform, including:

    • To-do lists
    • Shared calendars
    • Live chat
    • Task management
    • Social accountability
    • Cloud-based file sharing
    • Community building

    That’s why I’m a fan and couldn’t wait to share it with you. The sooner you invest time in checking them out, the sooner you will get your life on track.

    Does the concept of investing time scare you? It’s not a magical cure-all, you must first break the cycle of  “lack-of-time-and-I-hate-project-management” to start fresh. How much time? It depends on how quickly you pick up new technology and how passionate you are to change your life for the better. Out of all the social collaboration platforms on the market, Tracky is the easiest to use.

    Tracky was built for life’s doers. The ones who get things done. It’s not only a social media tool for communication, but an open social collaboration platform focused on the art of DOing and helping you to be the best DOer you can be. Tracky is scaled for the enterprise, but accessible enough anyone can use.

    Tracky is best experienced through your favorite web browser, and they have a great (and newly redesigned) iOS app. That means Tracky is always within arms’ reach.

    One of the most compelling benefits I’ve enjoyed is a reduction in email. Here is how I decided to take back my inbox:

    1. Sign up for Tracky and get the three people you email most to do the same. This is an essential first step.
    2. Edit documents without using email to send drafts. It can be done! If you use Google Docs, it’s even easier. Click on “new file” to create a real-time document you and your collaborators can edit.  No more saving a million different versions and making sure the right one is attached. This is one document you and your team can edit and make notes using the “discussion” area in each track.
    3. Send one recap email with links to all appropriate tracks. If you’re working on several tasks with people, you can include links to the tracks in your email. This helps eliminate separate emails for each task, loooooooong emails no one wants to read and reduces the chances that your email will get lost in the ever-growing thread.
    4. Plan meetings directly in a track. Trying to coordinate five different schedules? Workers spend more than a third of their time trying to, among other things, schedule a meeting. Bring all of the people in one track. Suggest dates in the discussion area. Once confirmed, you can send the calendar event from within the track.

    That’s too much!

    Where else can you work on a project with someone real-time, tweet a comment from the dialogue, check off a task list and add something to Outlook? The answer is NOWHERE, except for Tracky.

    For more information on using Tracky and sharing your success, check out our FAQs and the Tracky Training Center.

    You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and AngelList, too.

  • HOW TO Create Your Entire Social Media Editorial Calendar Using Social Collaboration #Pubcon

    • By evan
    • |
    • Friday, October 5, 2012

    Post by: Sarah Evans, Tracky's Chief Evangelist

    Things are about to get real in Las Vegas. Tracky is going to take the usefullness of social collaboration platforms to the next level when we unveil our “HOW TO Plan A Social Media Editorial Process” discussion at PubCon 2012.

    The discussion is one part of the Twitter & Social Media from the PR Experts panel with Lisa Buyer (@lisabuyer) and Jay Berkowitz (@jayberkowitz), moderated by Kate Buck (@katebuckjr). It’s not exactly information overload, but I guarantee you’ll walk out of the room armed with new tools and processes to do your job better. And, if you don’t, I owe you a drink.

    If your current social media editorial process is nonexistent or consists of an email, instant messaging, Google Docs, third-party apps, calendars cocktail, then our presentation will really rock your world.

    Our process, designed using Tracky, meets all the criteria below (as determined by our in-house PR expert Sarah Evans) and allows for complete customization (and it’s FREE!).

    Want a teaser? Of course you do. You’ll learn how to assign tweets in the same place your plan and create your content.

    Like this:

    And we’ll walk through a step-by-step guide that includes project management and tactical-level execution. Sound exciting? We think so.

    When all is said and done, we’ll package together what we’ve learned in a module perfect for agencies, small business owners and entrepreneurs. Because, that’s how we roll.

    You can follow @PubCon on Twitter or via the hashtag, #PubCon.

    Questions? Email Sarah directly at sarah@tracky[.]com.

  • Why Tracky Is Trying To Help You Collaborate and Be More Productive

    • By dan
    • |
    • Monday, September 17, 2012

    “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it." - Simon Sinek

    We’re a busy species.

    Whether it’s in coworking space, a library, or a local coffee house with free Wi-Fi, I see people juggling more they can handle everyday. And yet, it’s less than they wish they could accomplish.

    I see them on their phones, tablets, and laptops. I see them with twenty-seven open tabs across three different web browsers. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and on Pinterest — all while they’re updating their latest to-do list in their Moleksine, and catching up with Mom on FaceTime.

    It’s nuts. We’ve completely redefined the term “renaissance man (and woman)” by juggling more items than ever, and yet, most of us are still not satisfied with our level of productivity. Most of us waste too much time cleaning up email inboxes, our Dropbox folders, or re-prioritizing our to-do lists.


    We have all this technology, all these ways to connect, to manage, to stay on top of our personal and professional lives — and yet, we fall short. You would think that with all these apps and tools we’d be set by now, but we’re not. Instead of enabling us, these new management tools end up crippling our time by forcing us to learn and manage the tools themselves.

    This is what the team at Tracky thinks about every day. No seriously, every day.

    Tracky wants to help simplify your life. To help you manage all three circles of your life in one platform: personal, professional, and social.

    We’re in the same boat. We’re building a startup while working together remotely from five different geographic locations. We’re virtually managing meeting times and notes, pioneering ways to share documents and presentations, and trying to find ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness within our team.

    If this all sounds familiar, then I welcome you to try Tracky, and it’s not because we’ve figured everything out. It’s the opposite, actually — we need your help in building the ultimate productivity and social collaboration tool. So sign-up, check out our FAQ Videos if you need some help getting started, and let us know what you think with the Feedback button in the lower right portion of your Tracky screen.

    I promise, we’ll listen, and do our very best to incorporate your needs into the platform for all our Tracky users to enjoy. Hopefully together, we can build something that lets us all spend more time being creative and productive, and less time re-prioritizing our priorities.

  • [VIDEO] The Future of Social Collaboration With Tracky's Chief Evangelist, Sarah Evans

    • By dan
    • |
    • Tuesday, July 17, 2012

    Our very own Sarah Evans was interviewed on the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City, KSLTV about the future of social collaboration. Naturally, they chatted about how Tracky makes your life easier in more ways than one.

    Enjoy the banter about getting things done between Sarah and the newscaster in this three minute clip! Then, go check of some Tracks, geez! ;)

  • Tracky Hack Week: Bring Your Startup's Team Together, and Do Work Man

    • By dan
    • |
    • Thursday, July 12, 2012

    Track Stars — Photo: Mike Manzano


    It’s great, right?

    Technology enables us to connect to one another in ways we never imagined. Like others, Tracky has a team that is spread throughout the country. From our headquarters in the heart of VegasTech, to an island in the middle of the Pacific, and a few other states sprinkled all over. Heck, we're even in Canada, eh? (Sorry Canada, bad joke).

    Like the great Johnny Cash, Tracky is everywhere, man—and that's a good thing. We pull inspiration and creativity from our team's favorite places, and that diversity is poured into the Tracky concept.

    What is the Tracky concept you ask? It’s a product that helps you connect and collaborate with amazing people, so that you can finish and share your amazing work. And when the work is done, you can use Tracky to plan amazing experiences in your personal life—amazing huh?

    The Tracky Team

    You guessed it, we're also part-time models — Photo: Evan Nagle

    Here is a list of the entire Tracky team on Twitter.

    Tracky's fearless leaders David and Jennifer Gosse, used their super hero powers to network, research, and put together a team that would build a product to solve all our technology woes. They wanted honest, hard-working technology lovers who could think outside the box. But when they couldn’t find any, they settled for us.

    They chose the person, not the location, and because we're scattered about—we're the perfect test case to build the ultimate social collaboration tool to help teams work virtually. And while we all use Tracky to build and work (along with some group Skype calls), there's really nothing like getting together and cranking stuff out.

    So, we launched Tracky Hack Week. A week dedicated to bringing the whole team to Vegas to strategize and build (and eat). Here's a peek at some of the hacking that went down.

    Seriously, we ate our faces off — Photo: David Longnecker

    The Tracky House

    Tracky House — Photo: Sarah Evans

    Before we all arrived, Jennifer, Tracky's Co-Founder and CMO, asked all of us whether we wanted to get a hotel or a house. She posted a survey using VegasTech’s Wedgies, and we all somehow agreed that a house would give us a lot more opportunity to jam on Tracky stuff in a creative way. I think we were right.

    D&D, dining and developing — Photo: David Chat

    The house felt huge, even with most of the team staying there. It gave us the peaceful nights we needed to recover, and the meeting areas we needed to do work.

    Sarah vs. The MacBook — Photo: Dan Zelikman

    The pool, the ping pong table, and the mini-golf course didn't hurt either. Okay, so it was just a putting green at first. But it's amazing what a little creativity and some bricks can lead to.

    Mini-golf, Tracky style — Photo: David Longnecker

    After all-day work sessions, we would relax by the pool and eat some amazing barbecue courtesy of Tracky's Founder and CEO, David Gosse. But every night without fail, with a bottle of delicious scotch, we fell into a relaxing yet extremely productive strategy session about Tracky's growth and direction. Basically, it was the team getting together and dreaming up what Tracky could be.

    Late night jam session — Photo: David Chat

    Those were my favorite parts of the Hack Week for sure. Well that, and the times we all were trying to figure out how to restart the internet whenever it went down.

    The files are in, the computer? — Photo: Dan Zelikman

    The SuperNAP

    When we weren't playing and working in the Tracky castle, we frequented other amazing workspaces. Thanks to Rob Roy, his incredible team, and his generous investment into Tracky—we were able to work in the Star Trek-like work station, inNEVation, that they're building close to the SuperNAP, the largest data center you'll find on the planet Earth.

    Sure, the security is fairly tight in those parts, but they did let us snap a photo of their theatre, where folks will be able to host conferences, presentations, and various video game competitions (no seriously they have a PS3 hooked up to a ginormous screen).

    Tracky meetings are tough — Photo: Jennifer Gosse

    Besides the datacenter (which is so awesome we launched Tracky there), Switch is interested in helping diversify the local economy by making inNEVation a small business coworking space (and the soon-to-be Tracky headquarters). It's not finished, but take it from me, it will be just as jaw-dropping as the datacenter. Keep an eye out for updates from Switch, and if you're in the Vegas area, I highly recommend you check out the space. If you don't, we'll send this guy after you.

    Happy developer — Photo: Dan Zelikman

    Camping, Reflection, and Dreaming Big

    A little outside those flashing lights from the strip — Photo: Dan Zelikman

    One thing stood out more than anything else during the Tracky Hack, and that was our camping trip. I never associated Las Vegas with beautiful scenery or the outdoors, but man was I wrong. David and Jennifer drove us to one of their favorite local spots, Mt. Charleston, which left us all in awe of VegasTech’s softer, more relaxing side.

    Setting the mood — Photo: David Chat

    We cooked and ate over a fire, and we realized that some of us were pretty good at throwing a football, and pretty bad at playing badminton. After some fun and games and a little too much smoke inhalation from the fire, we sat down and chatted about our vision for Tracky.

    Tracky’s CEO David Gosse, lead off with the importance of Tracky’s company culture and finding the right team. He told us that we would be okay for now, but that he’s looking into replacing us with iPhone 5’s powered by Siri. — Photo: Dan Zelikman

    We talked about some of our favorite brands and startup books, and the things that we could take away from them. Zappos, a Vegas icon, was mentioned often. We felt like Tracky could learn from their hiring process, their focus on customer service, and their dedication to company culture.

    Andy Edinborough basically coded the first version of Tracky all by himself. Which is strange, because he admits to learning all his coding skills from the film, The Social Network. — Photo: Dan Zelikman

    Apple is impossible to ignore when you’re talking about strong brands and impactful products, so we knew there were elements there that we had to incorporate. Even our competitors, Basecamp and Wunderlist were mentioned. We knew we had to learn from their strengths, but it was even more critical to not repeat their mistakes.

    Connect, Collaborate, Share — Photo: David Longnecker

    One by one, everyone talked about the Tracky product and our team. We talked about the technology, the design, and how we’ve been communicating the product to our users. We talked about analytics, optimization, and digital and social marketing.

    Chief Octomom Evan Nagle (he codes and writes and stuff), shared his passion for the way we work at Tracky. “This is the happiest I’ve been in a long time, and I hope our work can help others find a similar creative freedom.”

    But most of all, we talked about how much we enjoyed the last few days. How we really got to know one another, and realize how similar our visions for Tracky all were.

    Tracky’s Chief Evangelist and PR social media strategist Sarah Evans, see’s Tracky as the next evolution in the social web. “It’s all about the ability to post meaningful content, and share it in a way that really connects with the audience. Connect, collaborate, share.”

    We realized that we were on the same page in terms of frustrations with technology overload. Too many apps, websites, and logins to remember. Too many conflicts when it came to collaborating with people all over the world. Things need to be simplified, and technology needs to be set aside so that people could get back to being creative.

    David Chat, our UX Designer extraordinaire, just realized that Tracky had nothing to do with track and field athletes when this photo was shot. Regardless, his goal is to find a way to find the most efficient balance of features and simple design, so that Tracky users can focus on creative projects instead of managing task lists all the time. — Photo: Dan Zelikman

    We know that we’re taking on a lot, potentially more than we can chew. But that’s why all of us chose this project, because it’s both necessary and difficult. Productivity and social collaboration are going to be key elements for the new professional, and the Tracky team would love to help you by providing a tool you’ll love.

    Cheetos, Fritos, and Doritos. Our Chief Mobile Magic Mike will work for amazing mobile app designs and delicious potato chips. He plans to do exactly that with Tracky’s mobile platform. — Photo: Dan Zelikman

    We’re going to keep building and improving, and we hope that you keep helping us by using Tracky and telling us what you like and don’t like. We’re building Tracky for you, the new professional, the busy Mom, the student working on your biggest project yet. We want to save you time by eliminating email clutter, and connect you with other do’ers so that you can get things done. And then, we hope you’ll share your work with us and the world.

    Connect. Collaborate. Share.

    Kashton Evans is the true brains behind the Tracky operation, but splits his time as a full time movie star and boy genius. He says you better use Tracky, or he’ll unleash his epic cuteness (which may or may not include Spiderman pajamas).  — Photo: David Longnecker

    Still want more Tracky photos? I guess we can’t blame you, I mean, look at us! For the full Tracky Hack photo set, see below.


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