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  • SMBs - why your cloud partner is one of the most important partnerships you'll make

    • By jennifer
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    • Friday, August 30, 2013

    Cloud4SMB exoiThis week at Cloud4SMB Expo in Las Vegas, there was a lot of talk about what's now and what's next in cloud computing for small business. Among the sessions was a talk by CloudSigma CEO, Robert Jenkins, and our own VP of Development, David Longnecker, about how small businesses can make better informed choices about cloud hosting.

    As reported by Rich Steeves, TMCnet Managing Editor, migrating to the cloud is one of the most challenging decisions that small businesses can make. As a SMB owner, you might realize that the cloud can offer you speed, cost and scalability benefits, but it's probably unclear which provider to choose, much less which program to select within the provider's offerings.

    That's why we hope that our experience as shared in the Cloud4SMB session and in a case study with CloudSigma will help other startups and small businesses with their own cloud evaluation process.

    Our main reasons for choosing CloudSigma were: flexible computer resources, open software systems, perfect provisioning, all-SSD storage (solid-state drive storage) five-minute billing increments, scalability and very importantly, 5X faster performance with a 350% cost savings. 


    Plus, CloudSigma's stellar team has seen the transition as a collaborative experience. They've helped us decide which programs would be best for our growing platform needs and helped make the migration as smooth as could be. Their customer service was the best we've encountered in the industry, which can be almost as valuable as savings for startups. We're very confident in our choice to migrate to CloudSigma and we'd recommend them wholeheartedly to other SMBs.

    Read more about why Tracky chose CloudSigma to host our scalable collaboration platform in this CloudSigma case study.

  • Entrepreneurs and small business: big things for the economy and our lives

    • By jennifer
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    • Friday, November 16, 2012

    It's a big week for small business. November 12 - 18 is Global Entrepreneurship Week and tomorrow is Small Business Saturday in the U.S.

    Here at Tracky, we enthusiastically support entrereneurs and small businesses. After all, we are one! And, small businesses are what have made economies run the world over for millenia. Even in today's mega corp society, small businesses pay 44% of the total U.S. private payroll and created 65% of the new jobs between 1991 - 2009 (infographic below). Here! Here! for the hard-working men and women who took at very deep breath at some point and said something to the effect of, "I'm an entrepreneur. I'm willing to risk it all. I'm going to take responsibility for my income and aim to create a business that will contribute positively to the economy."

    No matter what it takes, entrepreneurs often trudge on. Through economic highs and lows, sometimes going without while they pay their employees first, cutting back while mega corporations post record profits and yet believing that small business is still relevant, appreciated and something worth fighting for. Indeed it is.

    89% of consumers believe that small businesses positively contribute to their local communities. There's a trend to get back to buying local and small. In fact, 93% of consumers think that it's important to support small business and will go out their way to buy local. The "shop small" movement means that while big box stores often see monstrous checkout lines and revenues, it is the small businesses that we increasingly appreciate. Local collaboration is important to creating local environments that sustain our local businesses through our dollars and word-of-mouth.

    Tracky's productivity platform fits the needs of modern small business and entrepreneurs because it's simple to use, is a freemium product and allows businesses to connect with anyone, anywhere - thereby extending the resources of small teams.

    Our app was reviewed by TheAppChamp as "one of the most useful platforms" for team communication and productivity. Often times, small businesses don't have the financial or human resources to buy their way to efficiency. As the review points out, as small teams grow, its a challenge to get things done on time and to find the ideal task management system that is also mobile-friendly. Small businesses often hire contractors to perform tasks their full-time team can't. Managing those external resources as well as keeping our internal team on task can be overwhelming. Tracky has been recognized as a way to cut down the time it takes to delegate simple tasks (email, phone, third party programs and social networks) by using just a single platform.

    Tracky is a proud member of the growing #VegasTech community and is #VegasBuilt. We're a small team in a large city with high hopes. We're getting things done because of a superstar team, solid supporters and passionate users. We thank each of you for helping us build a small business with big potential. Our coworking office even speaks to the collaborative community aspect that we treasure: inNEVation is the first public and private economic diversification effort that brings together entrepreneurs, business leader, mentors, investors, educators and governemnt agencies. Built by Rob Roy, founder of Switch, it's aiming to diversifiy the Nevada economy and empower the next generation of successful local start-ups.

    So, to all the entrepreneurs, the small business owners and the #doers out there - we say, keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive. Let's do our part to support small, local and homegrown - whether it be products, services or technology. These two initiatives - Global Entrepreneurship  Week and Small Business Saturday - remind us of how important small business is to the global economy. But, let's take it a step further and support the small yet mighty every week.

    After all, small business is big to our economy and our lives.

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