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  • Don't go it alone with your productivity resolutions - we are here to help

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Wednesday, January 9, 2013

    With everyone talking about New Year's resolutions, change can feel overwhelming. Scary, even. Sometimes the thought of change is so overwhelming, that feeling alone can prevent change from occurring. Not to fear. Each day you have an opportunity to do something differently. Whether it's getting up 10 minutes earlier or setting up a new filing system -- you're never locked into doing things "the old way" just because that's the way it's always been done.

    At Tracky, we love this idea. While we celebrate productivity and collaboration, we also want to be your advocate if you're not feeling so productive. We know that, in theory, being more productive and collaborating with others sounds great. When faced with the reality of investing time to make these things happen, a breakdown can happen. Where to start? A member of our team is always ready and willing to help you get set up. We don't want you to feel alone when you're tackling a new way to work and collaborate.

    So, if you think today is the day you want to do things differently? Sign up and let us know how we can help. You can also email me at sarah<at>

  • It's 2013! Cheers to You - the League of Unstoppable Doers

    • By jennifer
    • |
    • Thursday, January 3, 2013

    For all you who “do,” this post’s for you!

    You, the League of Unstoppable Doers (LOUD). The people who just get stuff done.  The connectors who are driven to amplify the connection between social communication and collaboration. The catalysts who inspire others to reach beyond their comfort zones and just make it happen. The producers who break out your digital pencils, stare down the blinking cursor and scribble brilliance onto previously blank screens.The life hackers who play hard once you’ve worked hard.

    You’re the “brain trust” of collaboration and productivity. The ones that Tracky exists for and that inspire us daily to create the best open social collaboration platform available. It’s YOU that inspires us as the calendar turns from 2012 to 2013. The “doers” and “sharers” who go those few extra steps to turn mediocrity into excellence.

    League of Unstoppable Doers

    Tracky is full of these folks, and we get to collaborate with them - with you - everyday. We love it. That little Feedback tab at the bottom right of your screen when logged in, is your connection (sometimes near-instant) to our team. When you send us feedback, we take it seriously. We listen, learn, fix, assist, collaborate and laugh because it’s YOUR feedback that makes Tracky better.

    People like James Hicks,  Founder and Chief Technologist at Hicks New Media and producer of The TechScoop and INFOtainment. We met James at CES 2012. We were alpha launching Tracky and were thankful to show James around our shiny new platform. His passion for new tech was contagious and his project management background provided us with some great feedback from the get-go.

    And here's Demont Daniel, CEO of Finesse Media, a Las Vegas marketing agency and Business Development Manager of PrideStaff Las Vegas, a top 10 recruiting firm as listed by Forbes. He’s a big-time social media and event trendsetter. His latest side project is Demo Vegas, in collaboration with other #VegasTech passionistas. The volunteer organizers use Tracky to collaborate and plan the event, from top to bottom. They're LOUD. 

    In 2013, we plan to share more user stories and shape Tracky according to your voice. Our recent “V3” update was inspired by you. So, thank you. Keep the feedback coming. Keep “doing” and growing. We’ll be here to support you with the platform, workflows and solutions that will help you connect, collaborate and share more efficiently and enjoyably than ever before.

    Let’s be LOUD in 2013. Are you with us?


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