3 ways tech help you be more productiveTechnology is great for a number of things. Streaming video, sharing photos,  connecting to social media, and free-to-play games are all excellent time wasters.

When it comes to actually getting the job done, though, most people would argue the contrary. It's often blamed for crushing productivity levels. Of course, these arguments are valid. Social media and mobile gaming apps are notorious for gobbling up hours upon hours of time. But really, technology can actually help you boost your personal productivity. You just have to channel the technological potential of your devices and your personal aspirations toward your goal. Read on to find several ways it can help.

It Keeps You Organized

Too often, one of the biggest concerns for those who have trouble reaching their goals and getting the job done simply need to organize their lives. Smartphones and tablets all come with integrated calendar and email apps that you can sync together to help you keep appointments, due dates, and general reminders in place.

Tracky, of course, is a personal productivity solution since it's hosted in the cloud and allows you to manage your life and your work in one digital home. Plus, its mobile-friendly design makes it accessible from any internet-ready device. You can even email reminders, documents and tasks into Tracky with your own Tracky email that will post directly to your personal account.

Evernote is another resource through which you can combine everything that's important to you and organize it in a way that makes sense to you. 

It Helps You Sleep

There have been a lot of studies about the importance of sleep to overall health. Being sleep deprived — even if it's just by an hour — can greatly reduce your productivity and emotional well-being. Even so, 60 percent of adults report that they have problems sleeping a few nights each week. Using certain forms of technology before going to bed can have a significant impact on quality of sleep. Other technological developments are designed to do the opposite.

Philips Wake-Up Light

This innovative alarm clock mimics the effect of the sunrise each morning, gently easing you out of your slumber, and making you better equipped to take on the day. Some models even come with an iPod/iPhone dock, which allows you to use music from your iTunes library as your wake up tone. It comes with an app that tracks your sleep routines too.

Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow

This pillow has two ultra-thin speakers built into it that help drown out distracting sounds that keep many people awake. Simply connect the included audio cord to your device, and play your favorite tunes or meditation music as you drift off into dreamland.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App

This ingenious app uses the accelerometer in your iPhone to track your sleep patterns and wake you up while you're in the lightest portion of your cycle. The result? Less morning grogginess. Simply place your T-Mobile phone face down on your bed when it's time to go to sleep. It will record your movements and compile easy-to-follow graphs that show the effectiveness of your sleep routines. This app makes it easier to pinpoint your problem areas and improve them.

It Gets You Where You Need to Go

The world of technology has come a long way when it comes to personal navigation devices. Gone are the days when you'd have to print out turn-by-turn directions from Google or Yahoo Maps to get where you need to go. There's nothing worse than getting lost on your way to an interview, or spending half your afternoon looking for your destination when you could be running errands.

But the advent of the navigational and GPS tracking systems we know and love today don't just come in handy for picking up the dry cleaning. It's used by all kinds of industries, some of which include airlines, shipping, government, cable companies, and more.

It's most certainly true that technology can swallow up hours of your time that could be better spent doing other things. Realistically though, it can only do so if you let it. With a little will power, the right technology can help point you toward a higher productivity level, and a much more fulfilling life.

DJ Miller is a gadget geek, writer, infographic-maker and lover of Mystery Science Theater. He is also a novice comedic who spins humor into advice columns on his personal site.