Post by Sarah Evans, Tracky's Chief Evangelist

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Don’t worry. We won’t ever leave you hanging. It can be overwhelming staring at a blank profile page or tracks. Never fear! We’re in the process of building out modules that make starting projects even simpler. For now, we have an amazing archive of tips and FAQ’s to help you out.

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Here goes:


  • I joined Tracky. Now what? Do a little a dance. Make a few tracks. Get down tonight! You're on Tracky! No seriously, you should start a group (a team or a project), invite some members (members of your team or people to help you finish your project), and start a track to help you get some stuff done. Simply add people via the Members tab of a track or drag and drop them in a group or track.
  • What is a track? Boring folks might call these "tasks". We lovingly call them tracks. You can store anything and everything in a track — whatever your heart desires — whether it's a task you have to get done ASAP or a cool quote you'd like to share with some of your friends or coworkers. In short, Tracks are like Tweets for doers: they're little bits of information that you'd like to comment or act upon.
  • What is a group? We’re not ashamed to say that Tracky is a lot like a mullet: all business in the front, all social party in the back. Groups let you collaborate with anyone, anywhere, on whatever needs to happen. Tracky helps you find the people and groups that you want to collaborate with and immediately start planning projects with them. Quickly add members to tracks, assign team leaders, designate milestones, track time, chat securely, upload and share files, and report on progress within the stream interface.
  • How do I invite someone to a group? With an invitation. Here’s how.
  • Is my information private? Yes! All tracks are private by default. And, you can rest easy knowing your data is stored in the most secure data warehouse in the world. There are actually three tiers of access in each track: secret, private and public.
  • What does making a track “secret” do? This is the ultimate privacy setting meaning it is only visible between you and those you add in that particular track. You can have a secret track in both private and public groups. If a track is “private” that means everyone in the group can see it. If a track is marked “public” anyone searching Tracky can see it.
  • What are pins? You can use the pin feature for whatever you’d like. If it helps, think about it like your most frequently viewed tracks or those you want quick access to. Simply click the pin on a track and it’s added to your pin view. You can also deselect a pin at anytime.
  • Do you have an app? Yes! We currently have an iOS app that’s good to go. While not as robust as our browser version, you will be able to access your tracks and receive push notifications on the go. If you're not an iPhone user, you can access Tracky via a mobile web browser. Since Tracky is built in HTML5, you can interact with it like you would on a computer.
  • Why should I get email notifications? It might seem counterintuitive, but email notifications actually help reduce email. Each day you’ll receive Tracky updates with what’s approaching deadline. You can also receive email updates anytime anyone updates a group or track. You can simply reply to the update and your comments will show up inline in the discussion. That’s right, you don’t even need to be “in” Tracky to collaborate with your team. If you want email notifications but not as often, feel free to change your notification settings in a group (upper right) or in your Account Settings - Notifications.


  • Tidy up your track stream by hiding tracks. Hiding doesn't complete or delete a track, it simply moves it aside. Click the [Hide] button on the track window or page view to hide a track at any time.
  • Instant message other users. You can chat with other online members by clicking the green dot on their user profile.
  • There’s a calendar view, too. Calendars are available for users, group, and even filters.
  • Personalize your URLs. You can change the URL (web address) of your user profile and/or group. Here’s how.
  • Make some words bold in your track. There’s a super secret way you can bold and italicize words in a track or discussion. Simply add two asterisks (**) at the beginning and end of a word or phrase for bold (e.g. **this makes it bold**) or one asterisk at the beginning and end of a word or phrase for italics (e.g. *this makes it italicized*)

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