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  • 4 ways we think the new Hangover III (@TheHangover) will be like open social collaboration

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, April 16, 2013

    On May 24, the trilogy becomes complete. Hangover III, the finale, launches in a movie theater near you.

    The Hangover

    You might be wondering, how is a slapstick comedy, like The Hangover, even remotely similar to open social collaboration? But, you’re wrong. You don’t know this, but Tracky and The Hangover could be cousins, identical cousins, they’re so closely related.

    1. Tracky users are a wolf pack (#wolfpack). Don’t we all have a little bit of Phil, Alan, Doug and Stew in us? The need to be accepted, to be part of a group and, of course, go on wild adventures to save our friends from imminent danger--all in a day’s work. Tracky users aren’t phased by a little danger and excel under pressure. They’re strategic, tactical and fun--important qualities of any wolf pack. You’re most likely to find a Tracky superuser singing songs about tigers or planning a VIP trip to places like Las Vegas or Bangkok.
    2. Open social collaboration might have the perception of a suit and tie, but it’s really like a funny man with a beard (and a baby). Our developers are pretty cool. They like social networks, so they designed Tracky to feel like you’re using Twitter or Facebook. People think they know project management, but are probably using outdated or cumbersome systems that don’t focus on the “workflow of today.” If it feels fun, you’re probably more likely to use it. If Alan were here right now, he would endorse Tracky. You can ask him yourself, just page him on his beeper.
    3. You gotta find Doug (or Chow). Picture Doug as the never ending task list you need to get done. It’s scary and overwhelming. Sometimes you want to sit in a tiger-less bathroom and cry. But, when you work together and focus on the most important things, you can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Tracky allows people to work as individuals and bring in others to work together, as needed. Why does Doug always get rescued? Because it’s not an option to fail.
    4. The Tracky team is based in Vegas. Yep, this one is a gimme. Not only are we based in Vegas, but our launch party was at Mike Tyson’s mansion.

    Are you going to see Hangover III when it comes out in theaters? What about dressed up as one of the characters? If you do, send us a photo of you and we’ll feature it on the Tracky blog and across the interwebz.

  • Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce launches new Social Start Page, powered by Tracky

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Thursday, January 31, 2013

    Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Preview Las Vegas 2013 attracted more than 2,000 business professionals and leaders and was, in our opinion, the most successful one to date!

    It was there Tracky announced a new partnership with the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce in the form of a Social Start Page that is now available for all members at

    Las Vegas Metro Chamber social start page

    What is a start page? It’s the first window that opens when you begin a new Internet session. If you currently use a search engine as your first page, you probably have to open several other windows to get to your most-used sites.

    The Chamber’s Start Page will benefit the more than 6,000 members because it is a highly social, constantly visible and dynamic news page customized members. It takes the best of social actions from networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest and joins forces with Chamber-focused and local business news, events and activities. Now, in addition to learning more about Chamber businesses, Start Page users can easily spread the word from the same page they use to do web searches.

    The Chamber Social Start Page can be your new “home” on the Internet, and allows you to:

    • Conduct searches (via Google, Yahoo or Bing);
    • Access your favorite social networks and news sites; and
    • Get socially shareable news and information from Chamber members.

    Here’s how to join:

    1. Click on this link:
    2. Enter your email address
    3. Enter your search engine and social network preferences
    4. Click “set as homepage” (if you need help, email David Longnecker)

    Signing up for the Social Start Page also gives you access to Tracky, our open social collaboration platform, which also powers the site. Tracky is a free and easy way to get things done with other people - whether it be your team at work, your friends or social connections.

    A big thanks to the Metro Chamber for letting us share their booth at Preview and debut the start page to attendees. We had a great time. We might even have photobombed a photo or two.

    Jennifer, David and Sarah showing off the new Chamber social start page

    We’re so excited the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and its members are leading the way in social mobilization. If you have any questions on how social publishing can help you, email David, Jennifer or Sarah.

    Tracky Preview photobomb
    Robert Nielsen of UNLV, David Gosse and.. who's that girl?

  • Tracky gets entrepreneurs amped up at LaunchUp Vegas #launchupvegas

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Last night I had the opportunity to meet and speak with the LaunchUp Vegas community. I. Loved. It. A free, 90-minute program for entrepreneurs to network and pitch their products? Right up my alley. Based in Utah and Las Vegas, LaunchUp was founded by successful entrepreneurs and is their “labor of love.”

    The program began with a 10 minute Amp! session, which I was lucky enough to score. Thanks, Stewart!

    I told attendees about my personal journey as an entrepreneur and, hopefully, motivate them to keep going when things get tough. Being an entrepreneur is the hardest and most rewarding work you’ll ever do. I challenged them to #reframe any negative thoughts and energy they have about themselves, their expertise or their business. And, I shared stories like how I decided to move to Las Vegas and join the Tracky team. It took, in large part, the support of my husband who was on board 100 percent. When he was asked about giving up his job and moving from Chicago? His reply was, “Let’s live this life!” It still gives me chills when I think about it.

    Next up attendees got to hear from the “King of Pitches,” (that’s my title for him) Andy White (@andywhite). He is a partner with the Vegas Tech Fund where he hears from hundreds of startups. Andy gave great advice on pitching best practices. What’s his favorite pitch of all time? One startup mimed their entire pitch and let the product speak for itself. Brilliant!

    And then came the startups. Each startup below had an opportunity to share what they’re working on and then interact with attendees after.

    Interested in attending a future event? You can grab the schedule, here.

    A special thank you to the folks at The Historic 5th Street School for donating the space. There’s nothing like the smell of hardwood gym floors!

    [PHOTO CREDIT: The photo of me speaking was taken by event organizer Stewart Christensen)


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