At Tracky we’re completely dedicated, nay, obsessed with productivity and collaboration. It’s why I love working with the platform (and, of course, the team). Part of the reason I created the Google+ PR Community is so that the members could explore a better way to work, together.

To help us along, more than 20 marketing and PR experts have committed to sharing their wisdom over the next few months. Most recently, New York Times’ best selling author, Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki) taught us how to use Google+ (and social media in general) to curate and share compelling content.
The complete Hangout is here for your viewing pleasure, but I also wanted to share a few of my favorite tips and takeaways:

  1. Guy can’t live without these Google Chrome extensions (and I highly recommend them, too!): Buffer, DoShare, Nuke Comments and Replies and More for Google+.
  2. A community approach to social media? Not Guy. His value is providing quality, curated content all day, everyday. He treats social media like NPR; great content with “telethons” (e.g. his book promos) thrown in.
  3. How does he find stories? Primarily through Alltop (@alltop). You can create your own collection of RSS feeds based on your interests.
  4. How can you get a lot of social media shares? A) Post great stuff; B) Make sure you include a photo or embedded video; C) Pictures of dogs and cats seem to work; D) Weekday mornings get best engagement in Guy’s community.

Now, enjoy Guy’s Hangout, and, if you want to share what you learn, feel free to tag with #PRhangout.

Guy Kawasaki Hangout

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You can also check out Guy’s latest book, “APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur -- How to Publish a Book,” available now.