Post by: Sarah Evans, Tracky's Chief Evangelist

Things are about to get real in Las Vegas. Tracky is going to take the usefullness of social collaboration platforms to the next level when we unveil our “HOW TO Plan A Social Media Editorial Process” discussion at PubCon 2012.

The discussion is one part of the Twitter & Social Media from the PR Experts panel with Lisa Buyer (@lisabuyer) and Jay Berkowitz (@jayberkowitz), moderated by Kate Buck (@katebuckjr). It’s not exactly information overload, but I guarantee you’ll walk out of the room armed with new tools and processes to do your job better. And, if you don’t, I owe you a drink.

If your current social media editorial process is nonexistent or consists of an email, instant messaging, Google Docs, third-party apps, calendars cocktail, then our presentation will really rock your world.

Our process, designed using Tracky, meets all the criteria below (as determined by our in-house PR expert Sarah Evans) and allows for complete customization (and it’s FREE!).

Want a teaser? Of course you do. You’ll learn how to assign tweets in the same place your plan and create your content.

Like this:

And we’ll walk through a step-by-step guide that includes project management and tactical-level execution. Sound exciting? We think so.

When all is said and done, we’ll package together what we’ve learned in a module perfect for agencies, small business owners and entrepreneurs. Because, that’s how we roll.

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Questions? Email Sarah directly at sarah@tracky[.]com.