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  • HOW TO: Reward your high performers and help them work more efficiently

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, April 23, 2013

    [PHOTO CREDIT: Dave Gray, Flickr]

    A recent, informal survey we conducted with more than 200 self-described “high performers” shows that many feel unrecognized at work. It’s sad, but true.


    My guess is that their work has become commonplace or expected. Their ability to produce great work has set the standard and leadership has failed to recognize and re-recruit them on a regular basis.

    A high performer is someone who is fulfilled, maintains balance and health and consistently practices effectiveness and efficiency in the realization of a worthy goal. They’re most likely the people who get things done (well) at work and somehow seem to find time for family, friends and hobbies.

    High performers make up about one percent (1%) of the workforce and require a different style of leadership--one that both recognizes accomplishments and keeps them engaged through purposeful work.

    Key to leading high performers:

    1. Find out what motivates them. Is it producing great work? Quarterly raise? Incentives? Know what drives their great work and find a way to weave in rewards that matter to them.

    2. Check in with them, weekly. Set up a 10 or 15-minute meeting (in person or virtual) to keep an open dialogue. Ask them questions, like:

      a.   Do you have the tools and equipment needed to do your job well? (If not, help them acquire said equipment, or work together to find an alternative solution).

      b.   What projects are you most proud of this week? Let them celebrate their accomplishments one-on-one with you. Take notes and check for trends in what type of work motivates them most. Make sure to delegate more projects they will be proud of.

    3. Re-recruit them. Your high performers are most likely being recruited by other organizations on a regular basis. That means you should do the same. Here are 10 Creative Recruiting Strategies To Hire Great People, from Business Insider.

    4. Reward them. In his book The 5 Love Languages, author Gary Chapman shares five ways people show their love. The way people show their love is directly related to how they want to be shown in return. In the workplace, you can replace “love” with “recognize” or “honor.” It’s unlikely that your high performers will tell you that they need recognition, praise or some form of encouragement. What you’ll find is that they become more withdrawn or even, perhaps, are on the job hunt. It’s your job to work with them and find out what language they speak:

      a. Words of affirmation
      b. Acts of service
      c. Receiving gifts
      d. Quality time
      e. Physical touch (if appropriate, it could be a handshake, pat on the back or even a hug)

    5. Give them an opportunity to improve, learn more and produce even better results. Poor communication and inefficient workflow can hurt your organization’s bottom line. You may not know you’re in a bad communication cycle or that your workflow isn’t working until you ask. If any employee, especially your high performer(s), tell you that communication and/or workflows are broken, it’s time to invest. Invest in a better way to collaborate. Look into or re-evaluate your project management platform and your overall communication practices.

    Ready to reward your high performers and improve communication in the workplace? Email or to get started, today.

  • What motivates you? #doinspire - a visual inspiration for new and recent communication grads from some of the top industry doers

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Friday, April 5, 2013

    doers who inspireCalling all communications students and new grads. If the thought of the professional workforce is overwhelming, intimidating and downright frightening, then take a moment to reflect. Think about why. And, if you’re feeling the opposite, I encourage you, too, to think about why. When I approached my college graduation I was apprehensive. For me it was the feat of the unknown. What would I do? Who would I become? Would I be successful? (The good news is that fear motivated me to excel, work hard and never stop learning.)

    Today, the communications industry is so broad, encompassing everything from correspondent to digital content producer to public relations manager. As you, the future of the industry, set out to change the world or just dip your toes in, here’s some inspiration.

    I asked 24 of my favorite communicators one, simple question, “What motivates you to do the work you do?” And, I only let them have 140 characters to answer.

    Recognizing the top #doers who #doinspire

    A special thank you to the #doinspire participants:

    As you read each response, you may notice a trend in the usage of words, like:

    • Team
    • Helping
    • Community
    • Learning
    • Stories
    • Connecting
    • People

    It’s no coincidence that people who work in communications, no matter their role, share a common love of sharing information, connecting others and generally trying to make a difference in the world. If you can relate to any or all of these themes, then it’s pretty clear you’ve made the right career choice.

    What motivates you to do the work
    A slideshow of 24 #doinspire posters

    Now, I present to you 24 bits of motivational wisdom from people who #doinspire:

    Here are 24 tweetable #doinspire moments

    • We only have a limited number of days on the planet and I want to make each one count. - @cc_chapman #doinspire (tweet this)
    • When I was younger, I wanted to be a politician and help people’s voices were heard. Now I give people a voice on TV. - @webanna  #doinspire (tweet this)
    • It’s knowing that I'm improving how 1 billion people get informed about the world around them through Facebook. - @lavrusik  #doinspire (tweet this)
    • The people I meet every day. - @tamcdonald  #doerswhoinspire (tweet this)
    • I absolutely love my job, co-workers and the mission of PayPal. - @davepeck  #doinspire (tweet this)
    • The fantastic feeling I get when the team has created something awesome and our audience loves it. -  @LanceUlanoff  #doinspire (tweet this)
    • Making a difference, calling out unfairness, engage with a super-smart community, build something that matters. - @rachelsklar  #doinspire (tweet this)
    • Constant new challenges and an insatiable appetite for getting questions answered. - @antderosa #doinspire (tweet this)
    • Helping find meaning in the noise, telling the untold stories. - @burtherman #doinspire (tweet this)
    • Helping others to tell their story and find a voice that resonates with their community. - @hksully #doinspire (tweet this)
    • Every day starts with a blank page and long to-do list. Balancing the two is the tricky part. - @CMPLYtom #doinspire (tweet this)
    • 40 years ago cable expanded my portal to the world. I get to help others connect to what they care about most. - @coxcomm #doinspire (tweet this)
    • The thrill in knowing I have the potential to excite generations to want to learn and share more seach day. - @jenleereeves #doinspire (tweet this)
    • Surge of energy I get from doing what I’m passionate about, helping others and communicating what people need to know - @ckanal #doinspire (tweet this)
    • Sharing things people didn’t know or making them laugh when they stop to find out what’s going on in the world. - @etanowitz #doinspire (tweet this)
    • Connecting people who immediately click, even though they never would have thought there was a reason to chat. - @leanstarter #doinspire (tweet this)
    • Making a career out of writing isn’t for everyone, but if you can, it feels good to do something most can’t. - @adampopescu #doinspire (tweet this)
    • Spending time playing in other people’s sandboxes is a chance to learn something new, be inspired & share stories - @kschaeferlv #doinspire (tweet this)
    • Learning. - @bfeld #doinspire (tweet this)
    • Scouring the Big Blue Marble, finding solution-based content relevant to our community. - @jerrydoyle #doinspire (tweet this)
    • I’m helping build a futuristic technology with a talented team that is equal parts kind, goofy and seasoned. - @lesliebradshaw #doinspire (tweet this)

    #doinspireA copy of individual #doinspire quotes can be found, here.

    So, what motivates YOU to do the work you do? Share your thoughts with hashtag #doinspire.

  • Stormtroopers endorse the Force of the Doer you? (Share your favorite Stormtrooper photo)

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, March 26, 2013

    Since launching  our “Doer Badge,” a visual way to show commitment to getting things done (#gtd), there are now hundreds of people part of Tracky’s “Doer Economy.” Through our research we learned that many people aren’t rewarded for being consistent doers. In fact, it becomes quite the opposite. Co-workers become so used to the doers doing that it is commonplace and expected. Sad panda.

    Didn’t get your badge? Email for a copy.

    We want to make sure doers are not only recognized for doing, but can find others who tend to make big things happen. You can do this two ways: 1) Follow people on Tracky (it’s likely you’re a doer if you’re using our platform); or 2) Use hashtag #doer on Twitter, Instagram or Google+.

    It’s important that the doers in your organization are celebrated for the work they’re getting done. No, you don’t have to have a pizza party every time a project ends, but, heck, some bacon might be nice. Seriously though, these are the people you want to keep happy and engaged. They’re your high performers. They are your one percent.

    The Doers are a Force. You are the people who bring ideas to life and make organizations run. Hmmmmm. Sounds kind of like a Stormtrooper (minus the whole foot-soldier, clone thing), but supercharged with a Doer mentality.

    Watch for our Stormtroopers photos over the next few weeks on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll continue to celebrate the Doers and recognize exceptional work. Have a story to tell about you or a co-worker? Email for an opportunity to be celebrated on our blog.

    Want to play?

    Take a picture of your Stormtroopers and share it with us here: We’ll caption our favorites and use them as part of our “Stormtroopers endorse the Doer Economy” picture campaign. Of course, you’ll get the credit and recognition on the photo and on social networks.

    What better way to celebrate being a doer than by doing something (especially when it’s fun)?

    PHOTO CREDIT: JD Hancock via photopin - license

  • #VegasTech Showcases at #SXSW

    • By jennifer
    • |
    • Tuesday, April 9, 2013

    Last March, it started as Gabe Shepherd’s big idea and culminated in bringing the #VegasTech community to showcase at SXSW 2013 in a very big way. Switch's sponsorship gave the idea life, and paved the way for others sponsors like Downtown Project and the community to get on board, for real. 

    Before SXSW Interactive 2013, #VegasTech was already legit. After all, #VegasTech is a two-year-old startup community with humble coffee shop roots that has grown into an oft-referred to tech community attracting national attention. But something shifted with our #SXSW community representation: to the global scene, we’ve arrived as a notable tech community with viable startups, serious talent, major corporate support, educational backers and a whole lot of passion.

    The project encompassed a booth at the SXSW trade show, a cocktail hour and a mega party.

    #VegasTech startups and organizers about to hit the streets with party posters

    Perhaps best of all, we got to share the collaborative, cooperative and passionate nature of our community. With our growing publicity and infrastructure growth, we hope to attract more companies and talent into the valley in order to grow the ecosystem. But, even if we don’t, it was a bonding experience to collaborate on the #VegasTech #SxSW go-to-market plan (we used Tracky!) and see it come to fruition.

    Gabe Shepherd and David Gosse

    @tracky CEO @davidgosse and #VegasTech SxSW Organizer @gapeshep sporting VegasTech shades

    Now, the world knows about our startup community. We even trended on Mashable and other outlets.


    Thanks to Fuller Street Production, amidst the SxSW trade show noise, #VegasTech stood out.

    VegasTech sign

    Here is a little recap of what went down...

    Tracky at #SXSW

    Tracky at VegasTech booth

    First off, our corner of the booth was rockin’ thanks to Fuller Street.  Tracky co-founders David and Jennifer Gosse were booth-bound most of the show and it was hugely productive. Sarah Evans was evangelizing and producing an Innovator Series (details below).

    Tracky caps

    We hung our Tracky caps on the scaffolding and gave every single one away. (If you snagged a Tracky cap while at #SXSW, snap a picture and share it with us! We’ll add you to our “Tracky in the wild” sightings and share a little about who you are too).

    We met a ton of interesting folks from around the world. We got to demo Tracky to hundreds of people and loved the feedback that we received. What were the main complaints that we heard? Workflows are broken and email kills productivity because it's still being used as collaboration. (More on that in future posts). If we met you and we need to follow up, we’ll be in touch soon!

    TechCocktail held interviews in the booth for a couple days. It was great to see the flow of startups and thought leaders come through the space and chat with Frank, Jen, Zach and Kira. We love that TechCocktail is in Vegas now!

    TechCocktail at VegasTech

    David Gosse and Frank Gruber

    We enjoyed sharing the space with our VegasTech comrades, including Switch, UNLV, the Governor's Office of Economic Development, Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, Alice Reception, Tabeso, docBeat, UsedGearSale, RollTech, LaunchKey, Zuldi.

    VegasTech comrades

    Oh. And we got to see Shaq. He stopped by the VegasTech booth for a minute, entourage in tow. He is extremely tall.


    Shaq and Rick Duggan

    Innovator Interviews

    Sarah Evans hosted the Innovator Series from the Samsung Blogger Lounge on March 12th with partners Watchitoo, Cox Blue and Tracky.

    Sarah Evans and TicketCake

    Sarah Evans with Jackie Jensen and Dylan Jorgensen of TicketCake

    Innovator series

    Sarah Evans with Gabe Shepherd - sponsored by Watchitoo, Cox Blue and Tracky


    The #VegasTech lounge brought together an electric crowd and showcasing startups and sponsors, with the evening’s presentations hosted by Frank Gruber of TechCocktail. Switch and Downtown Project, ended the evening with inspiring talks via Jason Mendenhall and Tony Hsieh.

    Jason Mendenhall speaking at the Cocktail Hour 

    VegasTech Party

    VegasTech party

    The community invited SxSW attendees to a big bash at Red 7 for open bar, Vegas musical talent (Jordan Laws, Rusty Maples and American Cream), big-time dancing and networking. With something like 3000 RSVPs, the venue was packed until 1am.

     Switch team

    The Switch team with David and Jennifer Gosse

    Fuller Street Productions abundantly sponsored the production materials for the booth, lounge and party at a great financial and human resources expense. Thank you. Your generosity shined.

     Daniel and Jennifer

    Daniel and Fuller Street - you represent the 1% doers movement!

    VegasTech buds

    VegasTech buds 

    Sarah Evans, Ann Diab and Jennifer Gosse

    Sarah Evans, Ann Diab and Jennifer Gosse all smiles at the #VegasTech party

    We Did It

    Networking and partying in Austin with hundreds of your closest friends is a great way to celebrate the two-year anniversary of our community. A heartfelt thanks to Gabe Shepherd, all the hard-working volunteers, sponsors and to all who made it happen. We <3 you!

    1% Doers

  • Are you part of the “doer” economy? Take this quiz to find out

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, February 19, 2013

    We’re on the lookout to find the top 1% of doers of the world -- people who get things done. Why? Because day after day you perform to the best of your abilities and champion your corporate mission. At Tracky we believe that the way to become truly authoritative is by sharing what you’ve accomplished. Not in an I’m-so-busy-I-get-so-much-done kind of way, but by celebrating accomplishments and sharing  work you’re proud to call your own.

    Are you part of the 1%?

    Let's find out! Take the “Am I a doer?” quiz. If you qualify as part of the “doer economy”, you’ll get a nifty badge ready for social sharing and we’ll let your boss know, too. We’ll start notifying our “doers” on February 27, 2013.

    Stay tuned for this message (see below). It will accompany our super nifty and socially sharable “doer” badge!

    Doer award


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