If you’re a communicator or marketer responsible for your brand’s editorial calendar, then you’re probably always looking for ways to plan better. What does “better” mean? The ability to produce more high quality work in a shorter time frame. What are some of the reasons you can’t produce as much content as you’d like? We’d venture to guess a few of these are culprits:

  • Email overload;
  • Too many files being shared back and forth; and/or
  • Various levels of content approval.

We’ve been there. When you work with multiple people to produce, share or curate content it can get cumbersome or even, dare we say it, annoying.

In 2013, our Chief Evangelist, Sarah Evans ,announced the launch of Google+ PR Expert Hangouts as part of the Google+ PR Community. As part of these efforts, she shares how we plan and execute on social editorial calendars for Tracky.

PR - editorial calendar Hangout

Watch the Editorial Plannning Hangout here

Want to use Tracky to manage your editorial process (and more)? Email sarah<at >tracky.com.

editorial calendar

Calendar view example of an editorial planning group in Tracky