Cloud4SMB exoiThis week at Cloud4SMB Expo in Las Vegas, there was a lot of talk about what's now and what's next in cloud computing for small business. Among the sessions was a talk by CloudSigma CEO, Robert Jenkins, and our own VP of Development, David Longnecker, about how small businesses can make better informed choices about cloud hosting.

As reported by Rich Steeves, TMCnet Managing Editor, migrating to the cloud is one of the most challenging decisions that small businesses can make. As a SMB owner, you might realize that the cloud can offer you speed, cost and scalability benefits, but it's probably unclear which provider to choose, much less which program to select within the provider's offerings.

That's why we hope that our experience as shared in the Cloud4SMB session and in a case study with CloudSigma will help other startups and small businesses with their own cloud evaluation process.

Our main reasons for choosing CloudSigma were: flexible computer resources, open software systems, perfect provisioning, all-SSD storage (solid-state drive storage) five-minute billing increments, scalability and very importantly, 5X faster performance with a 350% cost savings. 


Plus, CloudSigma's stellar team has seen the transition as a collaborative experience. They've helped us decide which programs would be best for our growing platform needs and helped make the migration as smooth as could be. Their customer service was the best we've encountered in the industry, which can be almost as valuable as savings for startups. We're very confident in our choice to migrate to CloudSigma and we'd recommend them wholeheartedly to other SMBs.

Read more about why Tracky chose CloudSigma to host our scalable collaboration platform in this CloudSigma case study.