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  • Announcing: #CommHacks winners with the most popular workhacks

    • By jennifer
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    • Friday, May 31, 2013

    @Tracky CommHacks winners

    During #CommHacks, the first-ever virtual hackathon that Sarah Evans initiated for the communications industry, we uncovered an important lesson:  PR and marketing pros are an industrious bunch. We loved hearing your stories about how you turn repetitive and time-consuming tasks into opportunities for efficiency. Hence, your varied PR and marketing #workhacks. Many had to do with social media, while others were focused on productivity strategies. All of them were worthwhile lessons in how to get more done in less time.

    You hacked. We voted.

    And the Grand Prize Winner is...

    Natalie WardelNatalie Wardel

    #Workhack: Custom program that monitors multiple Facebook pages at once 

    Natalie monitors 75+ Facebook pages for work, so she devised a custom program in Google Drive. In 3 clicks, it taps Facebook's API, then updates the entire spreadsheet with the  updated like counts. Even though you still need to log in to look at insights, this program provides a great snapshot of what's going on with your Facebook pages.

    She also thanked her awesome programmer Randall B. for helping her complete this #workhack masterpiece. 

    Way to go, Natalie! With your digital savviness, we're sure that you can use an(other) iPad Mini! 

    Natalie is the Social Media Director for KSL News TV and Radio in Salt Lake City.

    Congratulate Natalie on Twitter

    Our second place winner is...

    Ian GrantIan Grant

    #Workhack: Keyword monitoring

    Ian has developed a custom RSS feed with a daily email that lets you keep track of all new Google search results for your brand.

    Ian is a Marketing Associate, Web Developer and Program Assistant for the Florida Economic Gardening Institute.

    Congratulate Ian on Twitter

    Our third place winner is...

    Jeff ElderJeff Elder

    #Workhack: Team social posting strategy

    social posting

    Jeff keeps his team in the loop with this free strategy of scheduling posts on each social network. This allows you to park the posts for teammates to see and tweak. Here's how: Pre-date a post on Facebook and it goes to the Activity Log. Schedule a tweet and it goes to Tweetdeck scheduled tweets column. And on Google+, you can create a circle of just your team. All those posts can be edited by your team on the platform, where they can improve and tweak before it goes out - with no outside platform needed (TweetDeck being acquired by Twitter).

    Jeff leads social media for the San Francisco Chronicle and

    Congratulate Jeff on Twitter

    Our fourth place winner is...

    Ramsay MohsenRamsey Mohsen

    #Workhack: Time quilting

    time quilting

    Ramsey shares a seret that he's learned from the highly productive and successful set: "time quilting." First, it takes an attitude change which is to come to grips wtih the fact that you will rarely get long periods or blocks of time to sit down and do what you need to do. Then, you need to identify the small blocks of time you do have: a five minute break mid-day, 10 minutes waiting in line somewhere, 20 minutes at the doctor's office, etc. These are your time quilts. Use those little scraps of time to tackle the un-done things on your work or personal to do list: research for a blog post, learn a new skill, reply to a tough email or move a side project along. 

    Ramsay is the Director of Social at DEG Digital.

    Congratulate Ramsey on Twitter

    And finally, our fifth place winner is...

    Adam TorkildsonAdam Torkildson

    #Workhack: Custom-built tool to analyze PR score

    pr scorecard

    Adam's #workhack analyzes 6 areas of online PR in 60 seconds and gives a cursory report about the effectiveness of a client's public relations. The tool provides simple suggestions on how to improve your current PR activities and your PR score.  PR Scorecard is a free tool that Ian built at Snapp Conner.

    Adam is a Senior Associate at Snapp Conner PR.

    Congratulate Adam on Twitter

    Congratulations, CommHacks winners! We're excited to get your prizes to you and use your workhacks in our daily work lives. A big thank you to all who participated, shared and learned from this fun experiment. Keep workhacking and loving what you do!

    Please share these great workhacks and join us in congratulating the winners!

    • Congrats to the #CommHacks PR hackathon winners, via @Tracky! (click to tweet)
    • Get winning #workhacks from 5 productive communicators and marketers (click to tweet)
    • Winning! These 5 #workhacks won our votes in the first-ever #PR #CommHacks (click to tweet)

    Thank you to our sponsors: Postagram and Sarah's Faves! We'll be assembling the e-book of these workhacks soon, so stay tuned!

  • Vote for your favorite #CommHacks workhack

    • By jennifer
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    • Thursday, May 23, 2013

    Thanks to all who submitted their workhacks to #CommHacks! Our first-ever hackathon for communications pros is over but that means that the voting is ready to begin.

    We were impressed by the lengths that some professionals go to in order to improve their efficiency and reduce the number of repetitive daily tasks. That's the kind of 1% doer effort we look for! We were inspired by our entrant's custom programs, IFTTT recipes and productivity methods. We hope that you will be too. Maybe you'll glean an idea or two on how to improve your own workflow, no matter what industry you work in.

    So, we've selected our favorites from an array of different techniques, from the very simple to the complex. We're giving away an iPad Mini to the grand prize winner plus other great prizes to four additional winners, courtesy of sponsors Postagram, Sarah's Faves and Pitch Engine

    It's time for you to vote for your favorite! And the semi-finalists are...

      1. PR score: This workhack is a free tool custom-built to analyze six areas of online PR in 60 seconds and calculate a cursory report about a client's PR.
      2. Monitor multiple Facebook pages at once (75+ in this case!) with a custom program in Google Drive. In 3 clicks, it taps Facebook's API, then updates a spreadsheet with "like" counts.
      3. When #Facebook profile picture changes, update #Twitter profile picture.
      4. Tomatoes Chrome extension for the Pomodoro technique. Install it, set it and go! You'll gain 25 minutes of uninterrupted PR work if you use it right.
      5. Automatically save Facebook photos where you are tagged in to your Dropbox folder (local computer).
      6. Keyboard shortcut: change case command for non-mouse hand.
      7. Customer interviews: set up a standard list of questions at the ready for customers who express their love for your brand. Post right away to your blog. 
      8. Productivity technique: Do what gets left undone with time quilting - short blocks of time dedicated to write more, learn a new skill or work on a passion project.
      9. Upload Instagram images to Twitter as though it's any other picture on your phone. Set it to tweet all company photos, or only those with a certain hashtag.
      10. Social posting: pre-date posts directly on the platforms for free (Facebook, TweetDeck, Google+) and then let your team review and edit before they auto-post.
      11. Keyword monitoring: a custom RSS feed with daily email that lets you keep track of all new Google search results for your brand.

      What's your favorite workhack?
      Cast your vote here!

      Voting open through Wednesday, May 29, 2013.
      Winners will be announced on May 30, 2013.

    1. First-ever virtual hackathon for communications professionals #CommHacks launches

      • By sarah
      • |
      • Friday, May 3, 2013

      I’m partnering with my team at Tracky to host the first-ever hackathon for those who work in the communications industry. We are looking for the best #workhacks you, or your team, created that either simplify or improve frequently used tasks by communications professionals.

      group hackathon
      Photo credit: TechCrunch

      Hackathons are typically associated with computer developers or those with a deep knowledge of software who gather together to collaborate on usable software. The Communications Hackathon (#CommHacks) plays off of this, but encourages virtual collaboration to improve the communications industry (and, of course, there are prizes for top honors).

      #CommHacks is live now, Thursday, May 2, 2013 and runs through Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 10pm PDT and will take place via Tracky (@Tracky). Five winners will be selected and the recipient of our favorite #workhack will get a new iPad Mini, 250 Postagram credits, top feature in our Communications #WorkHacks e-book and other honors.

      Here is a sample appropriate entry:

      Streamline the ability to monitor and respond to comments of news articles you (or a client) are mentioned in via your smartphone.

      Then, you would provide the process/instructions on how you “hacked” this together.

      There are two ways you can join in #CommHacks:

      • Use Tracky to create an improved #workhack or work flow that improves a current communications task;
      • Use a combination of other communications resources or APIs to improve a current communications task. (NOTE: If you use another product’s API, please ensure they have an Open Source License.)

      You can submit #workhacks for one, or more, of these “Areas of Need:”

      1. News
      2. Community relations
      3. Government relations
      4. Media relations
      5. Content marketing
      6. Editorial calendars
      7. Monitoring
      8. SEO
      9. Social networks
      10. Overall communications (e.g. internal, email)
      11. Wild card


      1% of doers


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