Color. It's all around us, but its psychological impact isn't clear to most people. A post about color's impact on our decisions by Sarah Evans at FAVES + CO. reminded me of how much color influenced our brand identity decisions two years ago when creating the Tracky logo. We thought a lot about color then and rightly so: research by The Printing House Ltd. reports that consumers are influenced more by color than any other visual cue.

Tracky's logo is a rainbow of color, almost literally and quite intentionally. In August 2011 when we worked with Swiss designer David Pache of Helvetic Brands on our logo, we contemplated the energy of color, logo trends and the psychological impact we hoped our mark would achieve. As most brands experience, it took several comps and multiple iterations before we reached the final product. While you will notice a very apparent smile in the mark now, the concept started out very different.

Designer David Pache was inspired by the concept of "tracks" and our metaphor of encouragement to: "Get your life on Tracky." He wanted to convey the three areas of life that our product can help with: personal, professional and social. Those three areas are the "tracks" that our lives run on. Thus, in the beginning concept phase, the mark was based on those three lines in various forms.

Tracky - lines rough concept

Rough concept - 3 "tracks" of life

However, the positive philosophy that Tracky's mission to "simplify your life" nagged at my conscience. Tracky isn't just technology, it's an evolution of how we manage our work and life. It holds the promise that "work" can be both productive AND fun while acknowledging that work and life aren't two separate matters. They can work in tandem, each given their respective seclusion and importance, but with the well-being of the whole person in mind.

So we took the leap. Pache agreed to place two little dots above the lines. Those dots changed everything. The newly emerged smile conveyed the optimistic theme that we built the software on. Sure, it's a little cliché to have a smiley face as your logo. We debated that hotly for a week but in the end, we couldn't deny that there's something about the unmistakable energy of a smile, expressed in a spectrum of primary colors that communicates a philosophy, not just a logo.

Tracky mark - official

Official Tracky logo

Now that you know the Tracky logo story, let's head back to the statistics about color. If we look at this study's outcome, we learn that:

  • Yellow denotes fun, inexpensive (hey, Tracky is free).
  • Blue conveys trust, security, dependability, technology.
  • Red eludes to speed and bravery. 

(I'm ignoring fear. Other research shows red associated with energy, power, determination and love).

To sum up the color definition game as it relates to Tracky:

  • Tracky is trusted technology that is dependable, secure and fast but just as important, it helps you take the leap to a more productive and fun life.

That definition resonated in theory two years ago, as it does now. With that in mind I say, sign me up! :)

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