“...activity on social networking sites is shaping up to be a new predictor of elections results this year...” - Wall Street Journal

We know that social media is a great tool for connecting with constituents, monitoring sentiment and promoting a candidate. But, did you know there’s a way to both utilize social media and privately plan every aspect of a campaign from the same platform? If a social productivity tool isn’t part of your mix, you’re missing out. Set aside 30 minutes to get familiar with Tracky and you’ll invest hours upon hours back in your campaign. [TIP: Schedule a personal demo for your campaign, or check out this module.]

From managing your GOTV strategy to donation database management, social productivity platforms makes the tactical level execution much easier.

Tracky is a platform for those who are tired of using separate tools for task management, instant messaging, email, files and calendars. When you communicate with your entire campaign team, volunteers and donors (and eventually constituents) via Tracky,you’ll create the most streamlined communication and execution process you’ve ever experienced.

Keep everything in one place. Public and private.

Everything lives in this “one” place. You can assemble people and ideas into “groups” - and, you can create as many groups as you’d like. For example, you can set up groups for:

  • Events
  • The communication team
  • Volunteers and volunteer subsets
  • Social media strategy
  • Citizens and/or constituents

We created one platform where you can manage the most private of information and then, when and if you’re ready, share it publicly.

Within your group you create “tracks,” or things you need to get done. Once you invite your team to Tracky, you can easily add them to tracks they’re responsible for, throw in a deadline, drag and drop applicable attachments, have discussions about your projects and more.

This simple and cohesive delegation process eliminates the confusion over who is responsible for what and allows you to get a project update whenever you’d like.

By the way, you don’t always need to be on Tracky.com to respond to tracks. Email notifications (set to your preferences) and the mobile app allow for in-line replies that automagically populate the discussion area of tracks.

And, if you really want to amp up engagement, you can get your prospective volunteers, donors and citizens involved too - and they don’t necessarily need to be signed up.

Tracky can integrate with your website or blog through an embeddable form. It allows people to share information with you or a group simply by filling out a customized form on your site. All entries come in through a track, and, by replying in the discussion you actually respond back to the individual. (If you need technical assistance with this, don’t worry. We can help.)

This is an example of a feedback form we use at Tracky.

Try doing all that with just email.

Want to know more about how to create a group or tracks? Check out these super-quick FAQs.

How else can you use Tracky to manage every aspect of your campaign? Set up groups for important things like:

  1. GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Strategy. Imagine a world where you can break out every single GOTV task, assign people immediately and allow them to check it off when complete. It doesn’t need to be a dream. Make it a reality.
  2. Voter Sentiment. Tracky allows real-time file creation (e.g. spreadsheet, document) and collaboration. Never again worry whether you have the correct version of a document. You can even create subtracks for key issues.
  3. Volunteer Coordination. Each time a new volunteer signs up for your campaign, invite them to sign up for Tracky. We can even work with you to create a custom email or letter to show them how they’ll use it.
  4. Research and Media Assets. Create a group for important research you want to reference and archive your campaign photos, videos, etc. You can even assign category tags so you can easily search later.
  5. Social Sharing. Each public track has the ability to be shared via Twitter, Facebook and email. Create one track for each tweet or Facebook post you want people to share. Add those who you want to share the information and allow them to check it off when complete. Who knew managing your campaign ambassadors could be so efficient?

Are we mobile? Of course we are. Tracky has a mobile app for iOS devices and our mobile browser is great for on-the-go reminders and updates from any mobile device.

You can find Tracky on Twitter, Facebook and AngelList.

Want to get started? We’re here to help. Email our chief evangelist Sarah at sarah[@]tracky.com