Post by Sarah Evans, Tracky's Chief Evangelist

We’re celebrating social collaboration news in the Tracky HQ today. Why? Tracky now works with our favorite social sharing platform,
Buffer. Go team!

Buffer lets you schedule social content and post it via your favorite social networks, like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Fill up your Buffer once a day (or as you’d like) and they automatically post for you at a time your prefer. Spreading out your social posts increases the likelihood your content will be re-shared and liked by more people in your networks.

This means Tracky is now the most fun online organization, collaboration and productivity platform you'll ever use.

Why use the Buffer + Tracky combo? Simple. People become authoritative by sharing what they’re getting done. If you’re trying to find new, innovative ways to share content or celebrate what you’re getting done, this is it. By making a track public and sharing it online you allow others to see what you’re working on, additional discussions and files related to what you’re working on.

For example, let’s say you have an event coming up and you’re looking for speakers, attendees, sponsors, etc... You can plan and promote the entire thing right in Tracky. (Want to know how? We’ll give you a demo that will change your world. Email

There’s a lot of other cool perks to the integration, like:

Here’s how it easy it is to share:

Once you click the “Share with Buffer” link in the drop down box, you may be prompted to make your information public. This means your information is currently marked as “private” or “secret” and cannot be viewed by anyone outside of Tracky.
If you decide to share your information publicly, you’ll see a Buffer dialogue box where you can edit your message and schedule it to post to social networks you integrate with the platforms.

Not familiar with Buffer and want more info? Cool. You can check them out here or you can always tweet co-founder Leo Widrich @leowid.

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