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  • Recap: How to produce and share your blog's content more efficiently

    • By jennifer
    • |
    • Friday, February 22, 2013

    When you're in the trenches and heads down working all the time, it can be tough to disrupt your scrappy-but-still-running workflow to migrate to something more effective. But if you blog regularly or if you're a professional writer, you know that you can easily waste time by letting inefficient processes stick around.

    Liz StraussThat's why the subject of creating and sharing content is a great topic for prolific blogger Liz Strauss' "Successful Blog" and something that we are passionate about as well.  A big THANKS to Liz for inviting Sarah Evans to guest post about the process of writing content. In this post, Sarah divulges her best tips for replacing older, less effective blogging habits with new ones. And don't worry: it's really not painful. It just requires a little bit of process change, but the results will more than speak for themselves. Plus, you'll gain some free time to do other things. Who couldn't use a little more of that?

    Speaking of process change, people like Liz don't get to where they are without some serious workflow hacks that keep them at the top. Liz Strauss is one of the most influential business strategists and keynote speakers and is the founder of SOBCon, the high-touch business summit. Liz understands how people perceive a blog, product or experience and how brands can help create loyal customers. Her advice is heeded around the world. She's one of the best strategists and is an #unstoppabledoer for sure!

    Here are a few quick tip excerpts from the post for your tweeting pleasure:

    • #Blogging tip: create and group edit content real-time via Google Docs via @lizstrauss @prsarahevans (click to tweet)
    • #Blogging tip: create a shared editorial calendar in a shared platform - via @lizstrauss @prsarahevans (click to tweet)
    • #Blogging tip: be collaborative - research, ideas, writing & social sharing: via @lizstrauss @prsarahevans (click to tweet)

    Cheers to more productive and effective blogging!

    If you'd like to see how Tracky can help you collaboratively produce content, just let us know! We're happy to help.

  • 9 tips to market your content marketing from @NeilPatel (using open social collaboration)

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Friday, December 14, 2012

    Ready for some tips and a workflow that will blow your mind? As we gear up for 2013, the Tracky team is full on evangelizing a better way for social marketers to work.

    Inspired by Neil Patel’s (@NeilPatel) recent "Don't Forget The 'Marketing' in Content Marketing" post, we took the best of his content and created an actionable (and reproducible) list. Neil outlines how to execute each of the following:

    1. Create a list of bloggers to pitch
    2. Reach out to be a guest author or contributor
    3. Link to other blogs and bloggers
    4. Request social shares
    5. Email website owners
    6. Write a top 100 industry list
    7. Create a blogroll
    8. Leave comments
    9. If all else fails, buy readers

    Click here to view all 9 tips from Neil in a Tracky Premium Module. Plus, we threw in an additional 19 blog marketing tips that I've identified.

    You’re about to kick your content marketing up a notch.

    We guarantee it!


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