According to a report from Prosper Insights and Analytics, Millenials (born between 1979 and 1994) are the least happiest generation overall, but they’re the happiest with their work like.

Happiness Score
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It’s no coincidence that early adopters of open social collaboration platforms, like Tracky, tend to be Millenials. Why? Because this generation values communications in the workplace (or remotely) and those interactions “serve to create and maintain work relationships among team and organizational members, and between those members and key organizational stakeholders.” (Myers 2009; Sias 2009)

Communication is the highest held work-related value because it is directly linked to the quality of workplace relationships. (Herriot 2002) Happy work relationships equals a happier Millenial employee. And, happy employees are more engaged, deliver better results and tend to stay at a company longer. (Jablin and Krone 1994)

If happy Millenial employees are important to you and your business’ bottom line:


  • Give them the tools and equipment to do their job (e.g. laptop, phone)
  • Offer a better way to communicate electronically, like open social collaboration
  • Create a great employee culture and take new hires seriously


  • Abuse email
  • Schedule pointless meetings. No meeting should take longer than 50 minutes. Ever.
  • Force company bonding. Offer experiences to let it happen organically (e.g. ping pong table in the office).

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