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  • 6 things in your home you wont believe are connected to the internet

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Wednesday, May 1, 2013

    First, our Internet Public Service Announcement (IPSA):

    Tracky takes privacy seriously. It’s why we created a platform with three tiers of visibility: secret, private and public. While we focus on the concept of open social collaboration, inherent in this is the ability to collaborate in the way that works best for you.

    If privacy is important to you, and you do a lot of work online, then protection of your data is vitally important. You may not realize it, but anything in your home or office that is connected to the internet has an IP address and therefore, may provide  information about you. An Internet Protocol or IP address is like a phone number or address specific to your device. It contains information about location in order to identify that particular device.

    The easiest way to protect your information? Make sure you have a secure, encrypted wireless connection. Since these devices are in your home, work with your internet service provider to ensure this is setup correctly. If you want to completely hide your IP address from potentially prying eyes, look into using a proxy server. You can also install a firewall  that alerts you if there is ever any suspicious activity. (And, don’t forget to use a VPN service if you’re surfing the web via public Wi-Fi.)

    Now, onto the fun stuff, we present you, the The Internet of Home Things:

    [PHOTO CREDIT: HapiLabs]

    Your fork
    The HapiFork, launched during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), claims to help you eat at a slower pace. The company says health benefits to eating slower include decreasing acid reflux, obesity and diabetes.


    Your refrigerator
    Well, only if you have something like the LG Smart ThinQ™ refrigerator. The device’s LCD screen tells you what’s inside, food that’s about to expire and ingredients you have to make specific meals. All of the information can be accessed on your smartphone, too.

    [PHOTO CREDIT: Beam]

    Your toothbrush
    Win prizes for brushing your teeth and get your oral health updates to sync with your smartphone. No more worries about mom and dad quizzing you to see if you brushed. Your phone can prove it.

    [PHOTO CREDIT: Lixil]

    Your toilet
    It plays music, monitors water usage and a major power drive cleaner--the ultimate smart toilet. Plus, if you don’t like using your hand to flush the toilet, then you’re in luck. This toilet and app from Japanese firm Lixil, can be flushed from pushing a button on the app. Just make sure to wash your hands and your phone when you’re done.

    [PHOTO CREDIT: NY Daily News]

    Your shoe
    “Don't be surprised when Google's new high-tech Adidas start talking. The 'smart shoes' know up to 250 phrases, can track physical activity and communicate with the wearer's cell phone contacts.”

    [PHOTO CREDIT: SmartWallit]

    Your wallet, backpack, dog and more
    Although the product isn’t a reality yet, it’s only days away from its Kickstarter deadline and already surpassed its goal.  The attachment hooks to whatever you want to keep track of and, when you get more than a few feet away, an alert is sent to your smartphone to avoid you leaving it behind (or someone taking it from you).

  • .@TechCocktail thinks we’re fun. That’s right, project management and fun in the same sentence

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Wednesday, April 17, 2013

    Tracky is a lot like a mullet: all business in the front, all social party in the back.” Looks like our informal tagline caught the eye of one of our latest customers, the Tech Cocktail team. (I like to think we’re the hipper, edgier version of the mullet.) :)

    [PHOTO CREDIT: TheeErin]

    Last week co-founders David and Jennifer Gosse presented at Tech Cocktail Week, a startup conference that takes place the second week of every month in Downtown Las Vegas. They presented along with other notable #VegasTech startups: ALICE Receptionist, Atlas Powered, Nihongo Master, Tabeso, Trend Nation LLC, Ubiquita, UNLV Solar Decathlon “DesertSOL”, Wearing Digital, WHOICHOOSE.COM and Xandem Technology.

    What stood out the most to Tech Cocktail writer Kira Newman (@kiramnewman), was that a project management platform could be both functional and fun--a combination not often found in this space. Newman interviewed David Gosse about Tracky and teamwork.

    Read the complete article, here

  • HOW TO integrate social collaboration in your PR 2.0 strategies

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Post by Sarah Evans, Tracky's Chief Evangelist

    For the past year, I’ve been on a quest to spread the word about open social collaboration and productivity and why it is the key to social media success and essential to every public relations professional. According to analysts at Altimeter Group, enterprise collaboration drives business value in four ways:

    1. Encourages sharing;
    2. Captures knowledge;
    3. Enables action; and
    4. Empowers people

    Funny – these business values directly relate to what we, as PR professionals, strive to do everyday. So, how does open social collaboration fit in?

    Get the answer and the full post here!

  • Welcome to Tracky. Now what?

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Post by Sarah Evans, Tracky's Chief Evangelist

    Connect. Collaborate. Share.

    Don’t worry. We won’t ever leave you hanging. It can be overwhelming staring at a blank profile page or tracks. Never fear! We’re in the process of building out modules that make starting projects even simpler. For now, we have an amazing archive of tips and FAQ’s to help you out.

    If you can’t find the answer you need (or just don’t feel like looking), post your question here:

    Here goes:


    • I joined Tracky. Now what? Do a little a dance. Make a few tracks. Get down tonight! You're on Tracky! No seriously, you should start a group (a team or a project), invite some members (members of your team or people to help you finish your project), and start a track to help you get some stuff done. Simply add people via the Members tab of a track or drag and drop them in a group or track.
    • What is a track? Boring folks might call these "tasks". We lovingly call them tracks. You can store anything and everything in a track — whatever your heart desires — whether it's a task you have to get done ASAP or a cool quote you'd like to share with some of your friends or coworkers. In short, Tracks are like Tweets for doers: they're little bits of information that you'd like to comment or act upon.
    • What is a group? We’re not ashamed to say that Tracky is a lot like a mullet: all business in the front, all social party in the back. Groups let you collaborate with anyone, anywhere, on whatever needs to happen. Tracky helps you find the people and groups that you want to collaborate with and immediately start planning projects with them. Quickly add members to tracks, assign team leaders, designate milestones, track time, chat securely, upload and share files, and report on progress within the stream interface.
    • How do I invite someone to a group? With an invitation. Here’s how.
    • Is my information private? Yes! All tracks are private by default. And, you can rest easy knowing your data is stored in the most secure data warehouse in the world. There are actually three tiers of access in each track: secret, private and public.
    • What does making a track “secret” do? This is the ultimate privacy setting meaning it is only visible between you and those you add in that particular track. You can have a secret track in both private and public groups. If a track is “private” that means everyone in the group can see it. If a track is marked “public” anyone searching Tracky can see it.
    • What are pins? You can use the pin feature for whatever you’d like. If it helps, think about it like your most frequently viewed tracks or those you want quick access to. Simply click the pin on a track and it’s added to your pin view. You can also deselect a pin at anytime.
    • Do you have an app? Yes! We currently have an iOS app that’s good to go. While not as robust as our browser version, you will be able to access your tracks and receive push notifications on the go. If you're not an iPhone user, you can access Tracky via a mobile web browser. Since Tracky is built in HTML5, you can interact with it like you would on a computer.
    • Why should I get email notifications? It might seem counterintuitive, but email notifications actually help reduce email. Each day you’ll receive Tracky updates with what’s approaching deadline. You can also receive email updates anytime anyone updates a group or track. You can simply reply to the update and your comments will show up inline in the discussion. That’s right, you don’t even need to be “in” Tracky to collaborate with your team. If you want email notifications but not as often, feel free to change your notification settings in a group (upper right) or in your Account Settings - Notifications.


    • Tidy up your track stream by hiding tracks. Hiding doesn't complete or delete a track, it simply moves it aside. Click the [Hide] button on the track window or page view to hide a track at any time.
    • Instant message other users. You can chat with other online members by clicking the green dot on their user profile.
    • There’s a calendar view, too. Calendars are available for users, group, and even filters.
    • Personalize your URLs. You can change the URL (web address) of your user profile and/or group. Here’s how.
    • Make some words bold in your track. There’s a super secret way you can bold and italicize words in a track or discussion. Simply add two asterisks (**) at the beginning and end of a word or phrase for bold (e.g. **this makes it bold**) or one asterisk at the beginning and end of a word or phrase for italics (e.g. *this makes it italicized*)

    Want to become a Tracky superuser? Let us know and we’ll let you in the mix. Email sarah[at]

  • Stay on top of your social productivity: Tracky now integrated with Buffer

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Post by Sarah Evans, Tracky's Chief Evangelist

    We’re celebrating social collaboration news in the Tracky HQ today. Why? Tracky now works with our favorite social sharing platform,
    Buffer. Go team!

    Buffer lets you schedule social content and post it via your favorite social networks, like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Fill up your Buffer once a day (or as you’d like) and they automatically post for you at a time your prefer. Spreading out your social posts increases the likelihood your content will be re-shared and liked by more people in your networks.

    This means Tracky is now the most fun online organization, collaboration and productivity platform you'll ever use.

    Why use the Buffer + Tracky combo? Simple. People become authoritative by sharing what they’re getting done. If you’re trying to find new, innovative ways to share content or celebrate what you’re getting done, this is it. By making a track public and sharing it online you allow others to see what you’re working on, additional discussions and files related to what you’re working on.

    For example, let’s say you have an event coming up and you’re looking for speakers, attendees, sponsors, etc... You can plan and promote the entire thing right in Tracky. (Want to know how? We’ll give you a demo that will change your world. Email

    There’s a lot of other cool perks to the integration, like:

    Here’s how it easy it is to share:

    Once you click the “Share with Buffer” link in the drop down box, you may be prompted to make your information public. This means your information is currently marked as “private” or “secret” and cannot be viewed by anyone outside of Tracky.
    If you decide to share your information publicly, you’ll see a Buffer dialogue box where you can edit your message and schedule it to post to social networks you integrate with the platforms.

    Not familiar with Buffer and want more info? Cool. You can check them out here or you can always tweet co-founder Leo Widrich @leowid.

    Try Tracky out for free today!

  • Why Political Campaigns Need a Social Productivity and Collaboration Platform

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    “...activity on social networking sites is shaping up to be a new predictor of elections results this year...” - Wall Street Journal

    We know that social media is a great tool for connecting with constituents, monitoring sentiment and promoting a candidate. But, did you know there’s a way to both utilize social media and privately plan every aspect of a campaign from the same platform? If a social productivity tool isn’t part of your mix, you’re missing out. Set aside 30 minutes to get familiar with Tracky and you’ll invest hours upon hours back in your campaign. [TIP: Schedule a personal demo for your campaign, or check out this module.]

    From managing your GOTV strategy to donation database management, social productivity platforms makes the tactical level execution much easier.

    Tracky is a platform for those who are tired of using separate tools for task management, instant messaging, email, files and calendars. When you communicate with your entire campaign team, volunteers and donors (and eventually constituents) via Tracky,you’ll create the most streamlined communication and execution process you’ve ever experienced.

    Keep everything in one place. Public and private.

    Everything lives in this “one” place. You can assemble people and ideas into “groups” - and, you can create as many groups as you’d like. For example, you can set up groups for:

    • Events
    • The communication team
    • Volunteers and volunteer subsets
    • Social media strategy
    • Citizens and/or constituents

    We created one platform where you can manage the most private of information and then, when and if you’re ready, share it publicly.

    Within your group you create “tracks,” or things you need to get done. Once you invite your team to Tracky, you can easily add them to tracks they’re responsible for, throw in a deadline, drag and drop applicable attachments, have discussions about your projects and more.

    This simple and cohesive delegation process eliminates the confusion over who is responsible for what and allows you to get a project update whenever you’d like.

    By the way, you don’t always need to be on to respond to tracks. Email notifications (set to your preferences) and the mobile app allow for in-line replies that automagically populate the discussion area of tracks.

    And, if you really want to amp up engagement, you can get your prospective volunteers, donors and citizens involved too - and they don’t necessarily need to be signed up.

    Tracky can integrate with your website or blog through an embeddable form. It allows people to share information with you or a group simply by filling out a customized form on your site. All entries come in through a track, and, by replying in the discussion you actually respond back to the individual. (If you need technical assistance with this, don’t worry. We can help.)

    This is an example of a feedback form we use at Tracky.

    Try doing all that with just email.

    Want to know more about how to create a group or tracks? Check out these super-quick FAQs.

    How else can you use Tracky to manage every aspect of your campaign? Set up groups for important things like:

    1. GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Strategy. Imagine a world where you can break out every single GOTV task, assign people immediately and allow them to check it off when complete. It doesn’t need to be a dream. Make it a reality.
    2. Voter Sentiment. Tracky allows real-time file creation (e.g. spreadsheet, document) and collaboration. Never again worry whether you have the correct version of a document. You can even create subtracks for key issues.
    3. Volunteer Coordination. Each time a new volunteer signs up for your campaign, invite them to sign up for Tracky. We can even work with you to create a custom email or letter to show them how they’ll use it.
    4. Research and Media Assets. Create a group for important research you want to reference and archive your campaign photos, videos, etc. You can even assign category tags so you can easily search later.
    5. Social Sharing. Each public track has the ability to be shared via Twitter, Facebook and email. Create one track for each tweet or Facebook post you want people to share. Add those who you want to share the information and allow them to check it off when complete. Who knew managing your campaign ambassadors could be so efficient?

    Are we mobile? Of course we are. Tracky has a mobile app for iOS devices and our mobile browser is great for on-the-go reminders and updates from any mobile device.

    You can find Tracky on Twitter, Facebook and AngelList.

    Want to get started? We’re here to help. Email our chief evangelist Sarah at sarah[@]

  • Via Quora, "As a startup CEO what is your favorite productivity hack?"

    • By dan
    • |
    • Thursday, October 11, 2012

    Eat That Frog, a book reccomendation on productivity from the author of the post on Quora

    Digging around the productivity sections on Quora, I came across this great question, “As a startup CEO what is your favorite productivity hack?”

    What was even better, was the answer. Matt DeCelles, a self described serial entrepreneur and consultant, gave a two-step answer that involved prioritization and execution. He talks about getting your house in order by taking a look at everything from 30,000 feet, and then organizing everything in a ‘what’s first?’ manner.

    He also talks about how delegation is a huge part of productivity. Because if you’re working on tasks you hate doing, there is a good chance it’s slowing you (and your entire company) down a good amount. Find and build teams to do the little things, so that you can execute the big-picture items that solve real problems.

    Matt showcases a lot of different sites and platforms that help him do this, and hopefully one day Tracky will be a part of that mix.

    Later, Matt discusses managing distractions and habits that help him get things accomplished. Everything from blocking sites like Facebook or Twitter, to silencing your phone and computer from annoying alerts.

    Matt shares a lot of options. And while I won’t take all of them to heart, it’s a great place to start getting organized—and better yet, productive.

    You can read his full answer here.

  • Social collaboration and productivity platform Tracky

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Post by Sarah Evans, Tracky's Chief Evangelist

    Are you feeling a little overworked and constantly buried under the weight of too many emails and to do’s? You might not realize it but an online social collaboration platform can improve your productivity many times over. And, it can actually be fun to use.

    I’ve used a lot of systems aimed at organizing my inbox and improving my workflow, but there is only one that I’m really passionate about. Tracky. Here’s why: Tracky helps simplify your life by managing all three circles of your life in one platform: personal, professional, and social.

    Tracky helps people and companies organize all of their to do’s, work projects and social connections in a single, easy-to-use dashboard – from planning a wedding to launching an international brand. They’ve put together the most popular types of productivity and collaboration tools into one (amazing) platform, including:

    • To-do lists
    • Shared calendars
    • Live chat
    • Task management
    • Social accountability
    • Cloud-based file sharing
    • Community building

    That’s why I’m a fan and couldn’t wait to share it with you. The sooner you invest time in checking them out, the sooner you will get your life on track.

    Does the concept of investing time scare you? It’s not a magical cure-all, you must first break the cycle of  “lack-of-time-and-I-hate-project-management” to start fresh. How much time? It depends on how quickly you pick up new technology and how passionate you are to change your life for the better. Out of all the social collaboration platforms on the market, Tracky is the easiest to use.

    Tracky was built for life’s doers. The ones who get things done. It’s not only a social media tool for communication, but an open social collaboration platform focused on the art of DOing and helping you to be the best DOer you can be. Tracky is scaled for the enterprise, but accessible enough anyone can use.

    Tracky is best experienced through your favorite web browser, and they have a great (and newly redesigned) iOS app. That means Tracky is always within arms’ reach.

    One of the most compelling benefits I’ve enjoyed is a reduction in email. Here is how I decided to take back my inbox:

    1. Sign up for Tracky and get the three people you email most to do the same. This is an essential first step.
    2. Edit documents without using email to send drafts. It can be done! If you use Google Docs, it’s even easier. Click on “new file” to create a real-time document you and your collaborators can edit.  No more saving a million different versions and making sure the right one is attached. This is one document you and your team can edit and make notes using the “discussion” area in each track.
    3. Send one recap email with links to all appropriate tracks. If you’re working on several tasks with people, you can include links to the tracks in your email. This helps eliminate separate emails for each task, loooooooong emails no one wants to read and reduces the chances that your email will get lost in the ever-growing thread.
    4. Plan meetings directly in a track. Trying to coordinate five different schedules? Workers spend more than a third of their time trying to, among other things, schedule a meeting. Bring all of the people in one track. Suggest dates in the discussion area. Once confirmed, you can send the calendar event from within the track.

    That’s too much!

    Where else can you work on a project with someone real-time, tweet a comment from the dialogue, check off a task list and add something to Outlook? The answer is NOWHERE, except for Tracky.

    For more information on using Tracky and sharing your success, check out our FAQs and the Tracky Training Center.

    You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and AngelList, too.

  • HOW TO Create Your Entire Social Media Editorial Calendar Using Social Collaboration #Pubcon

    • By evan
    • |
    • Friday, October 5, 2012

    Post by: Sarah Evans, Tracky's Chief Evangelist

    Things are about to get real in Las Vegas. Tracky is going to take the usefullness of social collaboration platforms to the next level when we unveil our “HOW TO Plan A Social Media Editorial Process” discussion at PubCon 2012.

    The discussion is one part of the Twitter & Social Media from the PR Experts panel with Lisa Buyer (@lisabuyer) and Jay Berkowitz (@jayberkowitz), moderated by Kate Buck (@katebuckjr). It’s not exactly information overload, but I guarantee you’ll walk out of the room armed with new tools and processes to do your job better. And, if you don’t, I owe you a drink.

    If your current social media editorial process is nonexistent or consists of an email, instant messaging, Google Docs, third-party apps, calendars cocktail, then our presentation will really rock your world.

    Our process, designed using Tracky, meets all the criteria below (as determined by our in-house PR expert Sarah Evans) and allows for complete customization (and it’s FREE!).

    Want a teaser? Of course you do. You’ll learn how to assign tweets in the same place your plan and create your content.

    Like this:

    And we’ll walk through a step-by-step guide that includes project management and tactical-level execution. Sound exciting? We think so.

    When all is said and done, we’ll package together what we’ve learned in a module perfect for agencies, small business owners and entrepreneurs. Because, that’s how we roll.

    You can follow @PubCon on Twitter or via the hashtag, #PubCon.

    Questions? Email Sarah directly at sarah@tracky[.]com.

  • Tracky gets entrepreneurs amped up at LaunchUp Vegas #launchupvegas

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Last night I had the opportunity to meet and speak with the LaunchUp Vegas community. I. Loved. It. A free, 90-minute program for entrepreneurs to network and pitch their products? Right up my alley. Based in Utah and Las Vegas, LaunchUp was founded by successful entrepreneurs and is their “labor of love.”

    The program began with a 10 minute Amp! session, which I was lucky enough to score. Thanks, Stewart!

    I told attendees about my personal journey as an entrepreneur and, hopefully, motivate them to keep going when things get tough. Being an entrepreneur is the hardest and most rewarding work you’ll ever do. I challenged them to #reframe any negative thoughts and energy they have about themselves, their expertise or their business. And, I shared stories like how I decided to move to Las Vegas and join the Tracky team. It took, in large part, the support of my husband who was on board 100 percent. When he was asked about giving up his job and moving from Chicago? His reply was, “Let’s live this life!” It still gives me chills when I think about it.

    Next up attendees got to hear from the “King of Pitches,” (that’s my title for him) Andy White (@andywhite). He is a partner with the Vegas Tech Fund where he hears from hundreds of startups. Andy gave great advice on pitching best practices. What’s his favorite pitch of all time? One startup mimed their entire pitch and let the product speak for itself. Brilliant!

    And then came the startups. Each startup below had an opportunity to share what they’re working on and then interact with attendees after.

    Interested in attending a future event? You can grab the schedule, here.

    A special thank you to the folks at The Historic 5th Street School for donating the space. There’s nothing like the smell of hardwood gym floors!

    [PHOTO CREDIT: The photo of me speaking was taken by event organizer Stewart Christensen)


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