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  • HOW TO: Share industry news and information with your CEO

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Monday, April 29, 2013

    Someone once told me that a great communicator will always be able to find a job. Why? Because good communicators make organizations, and, by default, their organizations’ leadership look good.

    [PHOTO CREDIT: Marketing Charts]

    A recent survey from examined the ways in which 358 business leaders stay informed. The results? A heavy consumption of digital content. In fact, “3 in 4 CEOs aged under 50 say they ‘mostly consume information online." If you look at a breakdown of the content they’re reading online, it’s a combination of:

    • Business news
    • Industry news
    • Social networks, like Google+ and Facebook
    • Content creation on social networks and/or blogs

    The survey results show that almost 60% of all CEOs prefer text-based content versus visual, video and audio. And, they’re not only consuming information, they’re creating, curating or aggregating on social networks, too. This is a great starting point for thinking about how you communicate with your CEO (and, if applicable, the entire leadership team).

    While visual components in an email, newsletter or press release are great to enhance a story or as a supplement for visual learners, there’s still credibility and reliability in digital text. There is a time and a place for visuals and images, but when communicating with a CEO, it’s likely they’ll prefer text over anything else.

    And, the way that text is presented matters.

    If you know that your CEO dedicates a significant amount of time to researching business and industry news, then help him or her develop a more efficient process. For example:

    • Utilize IFTTT (if this then that) to set up RSS alerts for their favorite news outlets;
    • Download a news consumption app like Flipboard or Feedly for their smartphone or tablet; and
    • Set up Twitter lists so they can easily monitor their favorite feeds.

    Put in the man hours so they don’t have to!
    Create a “News You Can Use” daily overview of the four to six stories you think your CEO may be most interested in. Have it in his or her inbox before 8:30 a.m. and you’ll provide amazing value, plus be in-the-know on industry news and trends.

    Are you a Tracky client?
    There’s an easy way to share this information with your CEO. Create a “News You Can Use” group, then, add you, your CEO and anyone else from the leadership team who wants daily news and information. Create a track for each week, or, each day and share your articles in the discussion. They’ll have a running archive of everything they need to know in one place. (TIP: You can also make tracks public if you want to share your great research. And, your CEO can tweet them when they’re done reading.)

    Sharing information with your CEO isn’t about inundating them with everything, but about being the best curator possible. Think of yourself as an information filter and gatekeeper. You separate the wheat from the chaff -- only the best, most important and most urgent makes it through. And, when something urgent and important or breaking hits the news cycle, be the first to get it to your CEO.

    This survey is a great reminder to think about how you communicate with your CEO. Do you know your CEO’s communication preferences? If you’ve never asked, use this as an opportunity to find out.

    Want to set up a “News You Can Use” process for your CEO? Email or to get started.

  • Tracky Raises Another $500K. Oh my!

    • By evan
    • |
    • Wednesday, June 20, 2012

    Boom goes the startup!

    Rob Roy, founder of Switch, has made an angel invement of $500K in Tracky. Lucky us! And, we promise; we didn't force him. He even had very kind words to say about our two fearless Trackyite leaders:

    “David and Jennifer Gosse are two amazing young entrepreneurs. They are exactly the kind of thought-leaders that the state of Nevada needs in its current mission of celebrating  its unique technology assets and in its diversification of the economy.”

    You can read more about the investment at PitchEngine.


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