Social Publishing

Leverage the Superheroes

Curators are the new superheroes of the web. Are you empowering your community members and superfans to create and share your content in a holistic brand-building way?

Like more marketers, you’re working hard to post content and build community on social networks. But you don’t own that property. They do.

You don’t have to give it away.

With Tracky, you can easily create shareable content on your own website that lives on, rather than trying to build a community on a fleeting (and expensive) social network stream. You’ll drive deep engagement and more social shares than ever before. An integrated leaderboard will let you know who your supersharers are while the back-end collaborative tools will enable you to curate your community (as well as the best content).

Connect with anyone, collaborate together and publish the best content on your website.

It's your community. Leverage it FTW.

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