Learn How To Use Tracky. Like a Boss.

Create a Group

Begin Collaborating.

First thing's first. Sure, you can add tracks galore without assigning them to a group but as expert-organizers, we first recommend setting up a group when you join Tracky. Groups are ways of assembling people, projects and concepts together. For this example, I’ll set up a Tracky Media group for demonstration purposes.

To set up a new group, click on the plus icon underneath Groups. A floating window will pop up. Enter in whatever information you can. At minimum, you’ll need to enter a name for the group. Then click “Save.”

Add a group

You’ll then be taken to the new group’s landing page. 

Customize Group Settings

Group Settings

Customize as much information as you can in the Settings tab.

Group settings

Group Profile

There is where you set up your profile image. You’ll see that Tracky will try to help you with this process by pulling in any images it can find from your website or social media accounts. You can also input an email that you’ve associated with a Gravatar account. Or, select a file from your hard drive and click “Select” to upload it or “Crop” if you want to edit the image itself.

Group - Profile Image

Related Groups

You can use this settings tab to associate groups with other groups in a parent/child relationship. Parent groups can see all the shared and public tracks of any child groups. Child groups however, can’t see up, or into its parent groups except for public tracks (which anyone that’s following a group can see).

Parent and child groups are most often utilized by companies with departments and teams that interrelate but operate somewhat independently.

An example would be: Tracky is a parent group and has child groups such as: Tracky Development, Tracky iPhone Development, Future Features, and related events that are using Tracky.

To add a child group to your group, click the “Add a Child Group” button and a window will pop up with groups that you can either add or invite. These are groups that are public. You can sort by: Only My Groups and Sort by Date Created to refine that view.

Group Settings - Related Groups


Ready to add more members to your group or modify roles? The Users tab of group settings is where you can see all the members of a group, their assigned roles and where you can remove users or add/invite additional ones.

Group Settings - Users

If you’re just looking to invite a new user, you can do so from the right column, underneath Members.

Group - Add People

Create a Track

Tracks are tasks, notes, or links to important assets.

Within your newly created group page, it’s easy to start adding information. Just underneath the top header, type into the “What needs to happen” box. Tracks are flexible: you can input tasks, notes to self, store links and research or upload files into a track.

Note that when you’re in your “group” view you can enter in tracks and your group will automatically be assigned to the track. But if you’re in your personal home stream (the home stream that you see when you log into Tracky), any tracks entered from there will automatically be assigned to you. It’s simple to change this and having the either/or capability has tested better by our alpha users.

Here, I’ve created a track to schedule the very thing that I’m doing right now: inviting you into Tracky! I’ve also scheduled a due date since this is a time-sensitive task and I’ve uploaded a document before hitting “Create Track.”

Create a new track

Next, I can customize the track with more information as needed.

Track - editing options

Once you're done, just "Close" the track in the upper right or move onto another track or group.

Invite New Users

Collaborate with Friends and Coworkers

Ready to invite others into Tracky so that they can join your group(s) or use it to simplify their lives? Just click the big “+” button under Members in the right column.

Invite a new user

Then, fill in the fields and “send invitation.” You will need to enter an email and select a role at minimum.

Invite a new user dialogue box

They’ll receive an email that looks like this:

Invite user - email invitation

Once they accept, they’ll be added to your group. Then, you can start collaborating. In the example below, I’ve added David and myself to the track as assignees, and started a comment thread with him.

Add a member

Once you add people to your groups, you can visit their profile pages by clicking on their profile picture under Members, as with Groups that you belong to.

As you create more tracks and perform actions within Tracky, your Recent stream (right column) will star to populate with the recent activity for your group and for your own main stream.

Now you’ve set up a group, customized its settings, added a track and invited people. Just wash, rinse, repeat for all your personal and professional to do’s!

Customize Your Profile

The Basics

This can be done anytime, but we recommend setting up your profile right away. It makes it easier for the people who you’ll be collaborating with to find you. 

To do this, go to Account Settings from the dropdown under your name in the top menu bar.

Profile dropdown

In the Settings tab, enter your information into the fields. For the URLs of social media profiles, enter the full address for your public profile, separated by a line break. See below for an example.

Profile - social media accounts

Once you’ve saved that information, you can edit additional tab sections.


You can update your password here anytime.

Profile Image

Since Tracky is very visual, it’s important to select the profile image that you want to represent you. we highly recommend a good quality photo of you. Non-specific avatars don’t work the best when collaborating with others in this environment.

Since I’ve entered in my social media profiles, Tracky automatically finds any public profile images available and provides them as options for you (see below). Or, you can enter in a URL or an email address that you’ve associated with Gravatar and let Tracky do the picture-finding work for you. Alternatively, you can upload a photo. If you need to crop the photo once you’ve uploaded it, just select the “Crop” button. Once you’re satisfied with your import selection or your uploaded photo, hit “Select.”

 Profile - images

As you update your profile, your personal profile page will reflect those changes, including adding social media icons and appropriate hyperlinks within your profile information. See below for an example of my profile page.


This tab will provide a list of groups that you’re a member of. To change your notification settings, select the group that you want to update. You’ll then be offered the option to change your email address for notifications from that group if desired, and then to update the frequency of updates. The default selection is “Notify me of tracks that I’m assigned to.” This is the recommended setting, but you can change it to “Do not notify me of updates” or “Notify me of all updates.”


If you’ve used any of our five authentication provide options to log into Tracky, those providers will be listed here. I’ve used Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (see below). I can remove any of those oAuth providers in this screen if desired.

 Profile - authentication


This tab lists all the groups that you belong to. You can “remove” yourself from a group if you no longer want to be assigned tracks or receive notifications. Or, if you’re missing a Group, you can select the “Add a Group” button at the bottom left and select a group that you’d like access to in the next screen. Click “Add” next to the group that you wish to join. A request will be sent to the Moderator(s) of that group in order for them to approve your request.

Search and Filter Tracks

The Basics

There are multiple options to instantly filter your main and group streams for the information that you need right now: Tracks, Assigned, Groups, Filter By and the Dropdown filter tool.


This is the main stream, whether it’s your personal stream or a group page.


Clicking this link shows all the tasks that you are assigned to.


Use keywords to find groups or tracks within groups. Or, select a group from your list and you’ll land right on the group’s main page.

Filter - groups

Filter By

This super-useful, dynamic tool is one that you’ll want to use often. It lets you drill down to find tracks and groups with any number of parameters. Search by keyword and/or click on one or more profile pics, select one or more groups and one or more tags. As you select options, an orange frame will highlight your selections. Your stream will instantly update as you make your selections. To unselect something, just click it again and the filter will remove that selection.

Filter - filter by


This handy filter tool is very helpful when planning your day. Click the dropdown in any view to filter by Recent Activity, Date Due, Date Updated and Date Created.

Note that Recent Activity will filter all tracks and actions, meaning that if a second ago, someone has made a comment on a track or changed a due date, that track will appear at the top of the stream.

 Filter - dropdown


So, now that you’ve gotten an overview of how to set up Tracky and make it work for you, please let us know if you have any feedback. You can submit feedback to our development team anytime by clicking the floating “Feedback” tab on the lower right of your screen.

Copy a Track

A tool for Tracky users who have a hard time letting go.

It's not unusual to perform a task more than once, so Tracky has made it super-easy to copy a track for re-use. Simply click on the track's drop down arrow, and select Copy To.

Now select the group where you would the track to be copied to, and voila: you've copied and created a new track. Shimp cocktails for the family.

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