Truly Epic: The Story of Tracky

We know, we know. The internet is no ShamWow.

You’ve only got so many hours wedged into so many days, and your browser is already filled to the brim with tools, sites, blogs, badges, stories, and suction cups.

Bytes are starting to bite. We’re all oversaturated with digital playthings flung at our faces from the far-warped corners of the interwebs. The internet is one “social tool” away from appearing on the next episode of Hoarders, and people are getting uber-tired of opening tab after tab after tab after tab—only to find themselves seven hours later, still entranced, having done absolutely nothing productive.

The problem is super-simple: task management software bores the pants off of people.

We resort to using it when we have to, and we retreat back to the “real fun” of the internet as soon as we’re able.  Don’t get us wrong. Plenty of tools do exist to help us get stuff done, and some of those tools work pretty darn well up to a point, but most regurgitate the same worn-thin model: “come here when you have to; leave as soon as you possibly can.” And all the while the social interactivity of the “unproductive” web is exploding with excessive and exciting possibilities.

We at Tracky love the internet, but, long ago, we noticed that it was getting in the way of us actually doing anything productive. So, we asked ourselves: why not create a task management tool that truly embraces the creative tangents and digressive pathways that the digital world provides—to find a way to make “getting stuff done” as fun as the prevalent inverse?

That’s what we set out to do.

And the formula we’ve created is quite simple. With Tracky, we bring the full-blown power of task management into intimate contact with the addicting traction of the social web. Hence, the four core components of the Tracky experience:

  1. Do. And be you. Tracky is all about getting things done. Every day and every night. Meet doers. Learn from each other. And use the digital tools you love to accomplish your real-life tasks and goals.
  2. Socialize. Approach doing collaboratively. Get help from other creative and knowledgeable folks anywhere in the world, and utilize crowd-sourced feedback to improve your plans and projects.
  3. Celebrate. When we collaborate like pros, it's only a matter of time before we start partying really hard. Because with Tracky, we can accomplish pretty much anything. And when we do, we hit the dance floors. And then we get right back to work.
  4. Deliver Genius. Feel the superhuman power of social productivity, and go ahead. Thank your collaborators for helping you complete your goals at warp speed.

So, welcome to Tracky! We hope you’ll join us. Let’s work together and get something done. It’s about time we organized the internet that we so love, and found a way to accomplish all of our professional goals and personal tasks in one simple hub.