Tracky is a lot like a mullet: all business in the front, all social party in the back.” Looks like our informal tagline caught the eye of one of our latest customers, the Tech Cocktail team. (I like to think we’re the hipper, edgier version of the mullet.) :)


Last week co-founders David and Jennifer Gosse presented at Tech Cocktail Week, a startup conference that takes place the second week of every month in Downtown Las Vegas. They presented along with other notable #VegasTech startups: ALICE Receptionist, Atlas Powered, Nihongo Master, Tabeso, Trend Nation LLC, Ubiquita, UNLV Solar Decathlon “DesertSOL”, Wearing Digital, WHOICHOOSE.COM and Xandem Technology.

What stood out the most to Tech Cocktail writer Kira Newman (@kiramnewman), was that a project management platform could be both functional and fun--a combination not often found in this space. Newman interviewed David Gosse about Tracky and teamwork.

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