Since launching  our “Doer Badge,” a visual way to show commitment to getting things done (#gtd), there are now hundreds of people part of Tracky’s “Doer Economy.” Through our research we learned that many people aren’t rewarded for being consistent doers. In fact, it becomes quite the opposite. Co-workers become so used to the doers doing that it is commonplace and expected. Sad panda.

Didn’t get your badge? Email for a copy.

We want to make sure doers are not only recognized for doing, but can find others who tend to make big things happen. You can do this two ways: 1) Follow people on Tracky (it’s likely you’re a doer if you’re using our platform); or 2) Use hashtag #doer on Twitter, Instagram or Google+.

It’s important that the doers in your organization are celebrated for the work they’re getting done. No, you don’t have to have a pizza party every time a project ends, but, heck, some bacon might be nice. Seriously though, these are the people you want to keep happy and engaged. They’re your high performers. They are your one percent.

The Doers are a Force. You are the people who bring ideas to life and make organizations run. Hmmmmm. Sounds kind of like a Stormtrooper (minus the whole foot-soldier, clone thing), but supercharged with a Doer mentality.

Watch for our Stormtroopers photos over the next few weeks on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll continue to celebrate the Doers and recognize exceptional work. Have a story to tell about you or a co-worker? Email for an opportunity to be celebrated on our blog.

Want to play?

Take a picture of your Stormtroopers and share it with us here: We’ll caption our favorites and use them as part of our “Stormtroopers endorse the Doer Economy” picture campaign. Of course, you’ll get the credit and recognition on the photo and on social networks.

What better way to celebrate being a doer than by doing something (especially when it’s fun)?

PHOTO CREDIT: JD Hancock via photopin - license