Tech CocktailIn the past, the process of "work" and online meetings didn't coexist. Disparity no more. Tracky has melded the worlds of work + virtual collaboration by embedding video conferencing within tracks! A big thanks to Kira M. Newman at Tech Cocktail for reporting on our official integration announcement with Watchitoo Playground's free video conferencing software. 

Now, you can host web conferences with up to 11 concurrent participants from within the same virtual space that your tasks and collaborators inhabit. It's a productivity junky's dream. In fact, in a large survey conducted by Wainhouse Research and Polycom, 94% of respondents said that video conferencing improves productivity and efficiency, something that we're very keen on here at Tracky.

To add to the discussion, the Downtown Podcast kindly invited me onto their productivity episode last week. This episode also features an interview with Julia Roy, founder of WorkHacks and productivity trainer, brain hacker and digital marketer. Her interview follows my segment so keep watching to learn some great tips and debunk some commonly held beliefs about how our brains work.

Downtown Podcast productivity episode

Do you use video conferencing to be more productive? Share your thoughts with us and we'll include you in a future blog post.