Being "likeable" online almost always involves being able to quickly and sincerely connect and communicate with your customers. But for small businesses, keeping up with the conversations across multiple networks can be challenging. That's one reason why Sarah Evans and the Tracky team are constantly scoping out new productivity #workhacks to save time and make workflows more effective.

Likeable MediaSo we particularly appreciate the kind folks at Likeable Media for the opportunity to guest post about social media #workhacks on their blog! As a company that drives measurable results with the slogan: "We are the people behind your next social media success story," and has written a book about "Likeable Business," the Likeable team knows how to put social media to work for their clients.

Sarah Evan's post lists nine #workhacks for being more productive in your day and in your social media communications, plus some tools and formulas you might not know about. So head on over to the Likeable post to get these valuable tips that can make your company more likeable with less effort!

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Source: Customer Think