We plan to start out 2013 with a bang -- but we just couldn't wait to start celebrating. So, last night, we published a software update that changed the look of Tracky and enhanced productivity. It's the beginning of a series of functionality updates that we're dubbing "V3."

What’s all the fuss about? If you were already a Tracky member (or as we like to call you, our League of Unstoppable Doers), you saw an overhaul to the design. It's the result of lots of user feedback (thank you!) and many hours of user interface and user experience wireframing and testing. User feedback is extremely important to us, so thank you to everyone who uses Tracky and who cares enough to send feedback. A special thanks to our valued group of super users who share feedback on a daily basis. We couldn’t do any of this without you!

Our goal for this release was to create a more streamlined visual interface along with quicker access to the features that you use the most. You will now see a cleaner, easier-to-navigate and more productive Tracky.

We're beleivers in the #worksocial trend and what it represents: tools and processes that improve effiiciency and effectiveness, thereby delivering on the productivity promises of social collaboration. Tracky doesn’t simply force social into work or vice versa - we are one, integrated platform that allows the different sides of “you” to function in productive harmony. It’s amazing that you can work better, not more, reduce email and have more fun doing it -- because Tracky was built with the social knowledge worker in mind.

Nowhere is our commitment to our social doers more evident than in our ability to invite new users and our slick social publishing options. Regarding inviting new users, we've improved the social invite functionality for adding your coworkers, friends and collaborators from a track or your main stream. In a track modal, the People rail on the right also features this update. Clicking “Add” returns a list of your most used people and groups, along with the option to invite people via Twitter, Facebook or email.

When a track you’re working on is public, you have the option to publish your content via social networks like Twitter and Facebook, or schedule your posts through Buffer.

But, that’s not all.

Your stream is now optimized. You can quickly see key details about your tracks from the stream. Icons for comments, attachments, subtracks and assignees are now visible on all tracks. Just hover over a filled-in icon to see get the latest scoop. Plus, upcoming due dates are front and center to keep you on target and the individual tracks are streamlined to be easier on the eyes.

We've slimmed down the groups section to only list your "most used" groups. Use "Search" to locate a group that's not listed or "View All" to see your suggested groups to get involved with.

A couple other notes about slight functionality updates:

  • "Me" is now Notifications: All your recent updates are still here, it’s just been renamed.
  • Pinned: When you click “Pinned” within a group, you’ll see just the pins that you’ve created for tracks assigned to that group. “Pinned” in your home stream accesses all of your pins, no matter what group they’re in.
  • Categories: These look like hashtags now but the functionality is the same.
  • Speed: The update makes Tracky a little faster. Yes!

Don’t forget about our awesome Calendar option. Tracky V3 lets you easily select “view calendar” from under your profile. If your team could use a shared calendar in order to work more efficiently, this could be your new jam.

Tracky calendar

And...one more thing!

Tracky is great for reducing unnecessary (and time consuming) email trails. One of the ways we do this is by recapping all notifications and updates in an email update. You’ve always been able to change your settings, it’s just we made it even easier to do so and, if we do say so ourselves, it’s even prettier.

email notification

Are you part of the #worksocial movement? Share your productivity and collaboration tips via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Linkedin -- or, in Tracky feedback.

Questions? Post them here or email sarah<at>tracky.com.