Ready for some tips and a workflow that will blow your mind? As we gear up for 2013, the Tracky team is full on evangelizing a better way for social marketers to work.

Inspired by Neil Patel’s (@NeilPatel) recent "Don't Forget The 'Marketing' in Content Marketing" post, we took the best of his content and created an actionable (and reproducible) list. Neil outlines how to execute each of the following:

  1. Create a list of bloggers to pitch
  2. Reach out to be a guest author or contributor
  3. Link to other blogs and bloggers
  4. Request social shares
  5. Email website owners
  6. Write a top 100 industry list
  7. Create a blogroll
  8. Leave comments
  9. If all else fails, buy readers

Click here to view all 9 tips from Neil in a Tracky Premium Module. Plus, we threw in an additional 19 blog marketing tips that I've identified.

You’re about to kick your content marketing up a notch.

We guarantee it!