Don’t think you have time to stay in shape? Take a look at our tips on how get healthier without turning your busy life upside down.

Exercise over Lunch


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It only takes ten minutes to do a few exercises in your office. And if that works for you, that’s great and you should do them. The same goes for taking walks over lunch, especially if you can get a coworker or two to join you. However, don’t dismiss taking your lunch break to do some more serious exercising. Check the mile or two around your workplace to see if there is a gym you could walk or drive to in just a few minutes. Then, look to see if there is a workout class during your lunch hour, or get a coworker to join you in daily trips to the gym. Worried about fitting in a good workout and getting a good lunch? There are plenty of great guides on how to use your lunch break to exercise.

Quit Drinking Soda


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You know you’ve heard this one before. And you should really, really do it. Why? Studies are finding that soda really is absolutely terrible for you. For example, even if you eat healthfully in every other way, you will still gain more than fourteen pounds per year simply due to the excess calories in sugary soda. But you aren’t off the hook with diet soda either. In fact, people who drink diet soda tend to be heavier than those who drink regular soda. And just on its own—diet or not—the caffeine and sodium mixture of soda has a dehydrating effect, which wears down on all parts of your body’s systems and can be especially hard on the heart.

Drink Water Instead of Snacking


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Did you know that drinking water can help you limit how much snacking you do? In fact, you may discover that what you used to think was hunger is actually disguised thirst. Water makes up 60 percent of the human body and 93 percent of your blood. And when you don’t drink enough water, your body is forced to pull water from your body’s tissue and skin. Not only does this make you look older, it also stresses your body out. By rehydrating your cells, you give them back their natural ability to repair and duplicate. Drinking enough water also dilutes the presence of any toxins in your system and allows your body to flush out any other contaminates or waste.

Don’t Just Drink Water. Purify It


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For the best results, however, don’t just drink water. Drink purified water. The water from your tap can still contain chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, potential allergens, and other toxins. So start drinking bottled water, or better yet install salt free water softeners in your home. By drinking pure water, you can lower the toxic load on your body. A whole-house filtration system will keep those toxins for seeping into your system through your skin, too.

Switch Chips for Veggies


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You need a snack, and you really don’t want something that requires washing, cutting, or preparing. In fact, the greasy crunch of a potato chip couldn’t possibly sound more appealing than it does right now. But you don’t have to give in! Companies are packaging and marketing vegetables in new ways that make them as convenient and easy to eat as junk food. So switch out whatever salt-covered carbohydrates you were planning on eating for some baby carrots, or get a bag of pre-cut pre-washed celery that you can eat straight out of the bag. Oh, and also? Eating veggies is cheaper than chips.

Half the battle of living a healthy life is substituting better foods and habits for other ones. So if you’ve got a lunch break, a water bottle, and a grocery store that sells prepared veggies, you can start the transformation to an even healthier life.

What quick tips or habits have helped you stay healthy?

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