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  • Tracky's chief evangelist contributes to @Sprinklr's new e-book on how to scale social media for the enterprise client

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Large organizations tend to be at a disadvantage with social media. They often experience the “too big to scale” phenomenon. Questions like who will lead social media efforts to implementing a social media policy overwhelm executives. While there’s lots of free advice available on the interwebz, you’ll likely spend a lot of time trying to pull the bits and pieces together into a skeleton of a plan. That's not a good use of anyone's time.

    open social collaborationSocial media management system Sprinklr just released a comprehensive thought leadership e-book on how the enterprise world can scale social. If there’s one thing all 30 experts agree on, it’s that it can be done. It's one of the main reasons we invented Tracky, a social collaboration platform that can handle the largest of brands. We believe that in order to scale social you need to first scale your project and time management. If you currently function in chaos, you can expect your social media efforts to get the same results.

    Tracky chief evangelist Sarah Evans (@PRsarahevans) covered "How to Scale the Social Media Corporate Team at the Enterprise Level" (page 29). Her most important tip is to provide your corporate social media team with the tools and equipment they need to do their jobs. As important as the hardware and tech gadgets is your social collaboration platform -- it can make or break your team's effectiveness.

    corporate social media management

    As you read this great resource from Sprinklr, think about how Tracky can assist your team. We're always here to chat. Email Sarah at sarah<at>

    You can check out the entire (free) e-book, below. And, here’s a list for all contributors who are active on Twitter.

  • DOing with Social Media

    • By davidl
    • |
    • Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Social media explained"Social Media Explained" provides a great tongue-in-cheek explanation of the communication options available to us--a list that is growing each day.

    Each of these services provide an amazing stage communication and interactivity with varying audiences and reaches; however, they focus on the message, not the action.

    That’s where Tracky shines.

    Tracky is not only a social media tool for communication, but an open social collaboration platform focused on the art of DOing and helping you to be the best DOer you can be.

    While Facebook and Twitter are telling and Instagram is showing your donut explorations, none of them help you and your friends take action--to make a donut. Tracky does.

    With Tracky, you start your pastry adventure with “Let’s make a donut!” and we help keep you and your sous chefs (or friends, teammates, ) on track throughout the whole process (don’t worry, we won’t get into a cake vs. yeast donut battle).

    Once you’ve created your tasty treat and are ready to proclaim “I’m eating a donut that we made!”, you’re ready to share your success with the world (or where free donut tastings will be held). As mentioned earlier, the telling and showing are very important and we help you with that too. Tracky integrates with several social media platforms and allows you to easily share your accomplishments.

    All of your hard work is saved in Tracky, so next time the idea for donut making (or any great idea) comes up, your track, your team, and Tracky will be there with all the information, resources, and collaboration you used the first time—ready to start DOing again!

    For more information on using Tracky and sharing your success, check out our FAQs and the Tracky Training Center.


  • Does social media have a negative impact in the workplace?

    • By sarah
    • |
    • Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    The short answer, no. Sort of.

    Recently this survey information was released: 

    “More than 38% of people feel that social media has negative impact on workplace productivity.”

    You know what I think? Social media benefit is in the eye of the beholder. 

    The thirty eight percent that think it has a negative impact probably still have the display on their VCR flashing. They are threatened by it, the same way the mobile phone was a threat, or the internet was a threat. Embraced as a tool to connect, collaborate and build community, social media is your ultimate weapon.

    Last week I jumped on the nationally-syndicated Jerry Doyle (@jerrydoyle) Show where I talked about why I think social media IS PRODUCTIVE for the workplace, even when it is disruptive.

    Listen to Sarah talk about social media on the Jerry Doyle show.

    Think about this. 

    The employee of yesterday spent work time reaching out to coworkers one-on-one to donate to their upcoming fundraiser. Today, the employee may spend the same amount of time, but reach more people via a Facebook page, internal email and a blog post. Your company is aligned with a doer and a social good activist. That looks good for everyone. Plus, your employee feels fulfilled and valued because they are working on something they’re passionate about, keeping them connected to purpose while still at work. 

    Companies spend billions sending people to trade shows, attempting to make meaningful connections, only to come home with nothing but a couple business cards that get tossed in the trash. I’m not knocking trade shows, just saying that there’s a better way to stay in touch and collaborate with the people you meet. For example, if you use Tracky and create a group for your next event, you can collaborate with these people as soon as you email them. Now they’re not just another contact in your address book or a business card in a pile.

    This fear of social media isn’t just in the United States. During my interview with Jerry, many of my Twitter friends shared their viewpoints. 

    Australians apparently are reticent about social media in the workplace, says @darrenwhitelaw with this comment: “@prsarahevans More than 1/3 of PR and comms bosses in Australia fear social media, thinking staff will waste time”

    It is the misuse and abuse of social media that gets a bad wrap. Instead of fearing it, educating your employees or yourself is a much more productive use of time. 

    In fact, the right social media platform can transform the workplace. Use of social media is even a decision factor when potential employees consider a position with an employer. No social media, no-want-to-work-for-you is the mindset of some. 

    Want to learn about how Tracky could change the way you think about social media in the workplace? Shoot me an email or a tweet @PRsarahevans.


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