It's easy to create new tracks while mobile via email, even if you don't have the Tracky mobile app. While you're out and about, it's great productivity strategy to send yourself reminders, forward files and set due dates for projects. Here's how to create new tracks (or add to existing tracks) with email: You have a personal Tracky-assigned email string. You can find it in your Account Settings, at the top of the first tab. It will look something like this: In any email program, **send an email to that address** and use these options to create your new track: - The *subject* of the email becomes the **track content** - The *body* of the email becomes the **first comment** - *Email attachments* become **attachments in the track** Inserting various keywords at the top of the body content can assign additional parameters to a track: - for:{username} - assigns people to the track - due:{relative date or date} - sets the due date (can 'tomorrow', for instance, or an exact date - category:{category} - assigns tags / categories to the track - group:{group name or group name-ID} - assigns the track into the appropriate group Once you send the email, you see a new track in your recent activity stream. Click on it to see its details and to modify parameters. Examples are attached.  

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