1. **Create a group** where all of the communication with your boss will live (I use a Tracky PR group for mine). 2. **Copy and paste the track and subtracks to your group** (click the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the main track and select "Copy to group"). NOTE: This discussion will not copy over, so you don’t have to worry about deleting. 3. **Change your privacy settings** to “Private” or “Secret.” (The default for the module is public so anyone can use it.) (Only use secret if there are other people in the larger group you don't want to see.) 4. **Add your boss** to the group and the “HOW I SPENT MY TIME THIS WEEK” track (they’ll automatically be added to all subtracks). 5. **Click the "Pin" icon** to keep this task in your "Pin Feed" (a.k.a. most used tracks). 6. Simply **click on subtracks** in order to access all of your tracks. 7. To create new subtracks, **click on subtracks** and a new entry box automatically appears.